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I used to make comics. Just like you. Then I made comics again. Funny how things work out. I've had quite a long experience with sprite comics, from comics now thankfully gone off the face of the earth to Sonic AIDS, but "Kirby's Dream Land If..." is my first attempt at a long running "serious" one. Let's hope it lasts...
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    You may call me "Rico" if you like. Is it my real name? *shrug*
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I sure took my sweet time, didn't I?
So... Reviewing this comic made me end up liking it less. I don't think I've had that happen before. Regardless, that's the review. I really struggled to try and finish the end of it, and I think I wasted too much time nitpicking visuals that wern't even that bad (except the entire Digimon part, ugh), and it was originally gonna be two pages, but I was able to merge them into one.

I don't know what the heck I review next, but hopefully it won't take so long next time.
I keep wanting to start the Aware review, but I swear, whenever I do, a new issue ends up covering something I was GONNA discuss, so I feel like I should just wait some more. I'm waiting until the next world begins before I finally start working on it. Sorry for having you wait so long, but I wanna make sure I can discuss everything I can.


I was going to review Aware, and still plan to, but I kind of wanted its current arc to finish, as it may greatly effect my view on it... so that's why I have been taking so long on it.
Has anyone noticed that Ket's mouth has been blue inside since waking up? I'm gonna assume this means something, so I can say I totally called it.
Oh, I actually recently started reading Aware after putzing around with... not reading it. I'll take care of it!
March 10th, 2015
I can only see the title and think of loss.jpg.
I believe Star Warriors was the anime, which... had its issues. I'm not sure how canon Star Warriors as a species is, but if you need a name for Kirby's species, that'd work too I guess.
So that's what reviewing a long comic is like...
It surrrre took awhile. Archive fatigue is a real thing, let nobody tell you different. I'm just hoping it didn't impact my review too much.

I'm also going on a 5 point scale. I'm not one for doing part averages and a 10 scale is usually gonna end up on even numbers anyways.

I also think I should go for a different font next time. This looks kinda fuzzy to me...
I could go ahead and give an attempt at it, even if its got almost... 600 issues. Well, not like I got much else going on, but don't expect it too soon!
Seven years.

Seven years, and it hasn't budged an inch.

I just wanna point that out.
Oh, I wasn't expecting my comic to get mentioned for anything! I appreciate such a compliment! I guess I should actually... y'now... continue it. I totally want to! And I will! Aaaaaaas soon as I'm done with Borderlands 2's True Vault Hunter mode. And the DLC for it. And some of the other Steam games I have.

Totally gon' do it.
Why yes, I WAS trying to be edgy and poor in taste. I was an idiot teenager who thought that was cool, and I kept kicking at it every now and then. The later comics get less edgy, but not by much.

As for how inconsistent the flow is... well, just look at its updating schedule. Started off frequently, then slowed down to one or two issues A YEAR. I kept going "I could so continue this comic", and then do not. Kinda like my current comic, actually. Which I should be updating. And am not. I gotta get back to that... But basically, this lead to stuff like the Shadow comics, which are in their own little world and probably the least terrible of the comics. Super offensive, but still least terrible. This is also why Tails had a side story; when I didn't care for the main plot, I did stuff with him.

It was born in an age where Sonic Unreal was at its prime, and I even the author of that comic used to like mine. As a result, the comic was pretty much a production of its era... But kept in a zombified state well after people realized such comics were just awful. At... least I got better at making comics look nice?
Oh man, right after reviewing this, you review ANOTHER awful Sonic comic. Gewd Ruck out there.
>Find Death and challenge him to minigolf
Ugh, I can't stand the style inconsistencies in author comics either. They ALL do that. I've yet to see one where they all look the same, and the way the writing goes on, its less "let's collaborate to a comic" and more "let's just take turns making issues". Oh, and not explaining or developing anything about anyone's characters ever, just have like, 50 of them, its OK.

I personally feel a good multi-author comic would be one where a few guys do the paneling the same way, and they all work together to actually write it. The Defeat Anyone series is a good example, but that's probably because they're... brothers? Roommates? I can't remember, but there's only two of them instead of like... 6 to 10.

Also, about that panel with the "foureyes" comment; that middle dude's mouth is RIGHT NEXT TO HIS NOSE. The fuck!? And the guy to the right doesn't even look like he HAS a nose! Also, in that panel with "Firefox," why is the doctor dude outlined green? He was just fine in the first panel he was in! Well, as fine as that monstrosity can look.
@Luigi_96: Yep, Kirby doesn't say a word. Unless a power requires it (and you know exactly which one that is). It's kinda hard to work with, having only two characters do any of the talking and trying to develop somebody with no voice, but I am pretty adamant about Kirby not talking in this comic.

Still, I don't like how right now, I'm having Kirby starring in the comic and using him more like a side character + deus ex machina... I hope I can turn that around over time.

And of course! Shame Comic affiliation is so rarely seen nowadays. Can't imagine why.
@Luigi_96: Okay, all fixed, but it was kinda tempting to just make it "Deply/Dedit Domment/Delete Domment"