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Errr... Sorry!
What's next? Swan Princess? Beauty and the Beast? Gretel & Hanstel (the gingerbread house and the witch)? what?
First! The prince seems sad. Wondering what it might lend to...? ummm.... what if the prince decide to follow marlin in order to comfort him and then find out who he is? just guessing.
uh-oh! Marlin is about to cry! Remember that Marlin's tears can turn into pearls and the prince would notice that!
Anyway, i hope everything goes well for them in the end.
p.s. Marlin should kiss him right away to show his love for the prince.
how about have the prince teach him how to write and then he'll know his name! or say "ABC" until Marlin pick out the letters? Like, "A?" no, "B?" no, ..."M" yes!