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Freelance Illustrator, Longboarder, Tea Connoisseur, Pokemon Trainer, Fairy Tail Wizard. I might be a quarter century old but I definitely do not act like it. ;)
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    Keenan (Or Mikey works!)
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PSH I know right? I updated? I'm alive???
So long story short, Fire Alpaca works at like, a bare minimum. I used my phone for the music for the majority of making this.

Beginning to see similarities?? Sit down and shush <3
I always thought Roxie was underdeveloped, like, she's a poison trainer, right? They could have done so much with her. Like, oh I dunno make her ALL FREAKY SNAKE-LIKE EVIL SONOFABITCH >: D
Fucking asshole caught me by surprise, fucking ugly ass Koffing and it know FLAMETHROWER I'M DONE
Hah! This is pretty funny. I like it so far. :D
Two pages in one~~
Fast pace for the win? I literally demolished that Trubbish in seconds. But who's next? Any guesses??
I'm going to meet you guys at a halfway point here; I'm bringing this back to grey scale in exchange for uploads. I simply do not have the time to colour this on top of other projects that I have, but I know how much you guys love my little asshat so I'll deliver.

I'm sorry I'm not as reliable or good or whatever as all the other nuzlockes but I do what I can, when I can.
I bit off more than I could chew when I started this in the first place.
I have a new computer. A few new programs. And new things.
I can't promise any update any time soon but I can promise more art.
Reeeeeeally love Roxie in this update. She so fucking fun to draw!

I'll update this with the next/previous buttons later.
Yes Roxie is supposed to be all flashy and showy that's why she's in so many panels and angles because she's purposely showing off~
HHHHHHHHHH this is so cute~
AH NO don't cry small child!!
@LKWayvern: Nope! You're the first to call it out at least. :P Not very many Fairy Tail fans these days.
@LKWayvern: YES! That's it! That's who he's named after! :D (Horray for being the first person to get that!)
@catfire13 & random Guest: BUT WAIT I LIKE ROXIE!!
Ok but no seriously. As my computer will have it I recently had a really bad Malware (Keep in mind I have a Mac that's 7 years old and this is the first this has happened, I think it came through an email or something, I don't know, I have adblock and a fire wall, and it still managed to get on here and I panicked) make its way on to my computer and I had everything backed up and completely wiped my computer clean and had to reinstall Yosemite along with everything else and as it turns out Fire Alpaca had an update a while ago and now it's kind of different.
IN ADDITION I got a new tablet and the lines are a little harder to control as everything is different from my old tablet, the pet is lighter so control is wonky, but I will eventually get the hang of it.
Tried out a new style with this one as well.
Eventually it will be consistent haha!
Important: I will be botching the idea of having a consistent weekly schedule and will be updating this when I have viable time! I no longer have my own consistent schedule of my own and rarely have time to do things for myself. So sit tight with this~ I'm sorry guys!

@Koal: Not necessarily. Not in 5th gen.
I also got extremely lazy and didn't look up a proper reference for it so it's really half assed. ^^;

((Also I don't watch the anime so I wouldn't really know))
@Koal: They're 'Cherish balls'. It's not a perfectly round Pokeball. They're just designed that way.

@catfire13: I'm really glad you seem to like the comic so far, thanks for reading and all the entertaining comments! I enjoyed reading them hahah!
@catfire13: I haven't played Blaze Black yet I don't even want to think about it! D:
@Janobii: Yup! She got 30 of them as a birthday present a few pages ago~
Gosh this is so old!!
Regarding the person in the cover
I guess since I keep forgetting that Kai's ref isn't on here!! She's a lady, androgynous, but a lady at the end of the day! :D
@catfire13: Ah! I love Morty!
But Kai's a girl D':