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I have a deadly obsession with river phoenix, batman, and all things that go woof.
Theo is seme and Julian is uke, I think...Julian seems too, I dunno, willing?! haha.

Funny page!! D: I love your comic! ;o; I adore your style, man. And you're welcome for the gifts, lawl. REMEMBER TO GET THE SPARKLE OFF HIM OKAY XD
Awesome page!! It's so dynamic and wooosh~~ I love Theo's mom, haha. So cute!!

Looking good!! And shmexy! ;D
Ahh, love it thus far!! I AM IN LOVE with the general mood of the comic. Purple is the perfect color, I think! I especially like the first panel, the perspective is executed well. Theo seems like a bad-ass character...nice movie quote. XD

POST MOAR! And I'll do the same for my comic, maybe. =A=;;