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Character "About" page updated
So, to all of my fellow M.A.O.H. fans who have been speculating about things like Abigail and Bianca's Super Alias, the specifics of Quinton's power, and whether or not Dr. Kaluza is going to come and rescue them with some hidden power, (I'm looking at you, Mturtle7,) I only just noticed that the "About" page has been updated with information on Abigail, Bianca, Dominic, Quinton, and Dr. Kaluza.

Now for my own speculation: I think Quinton is immortal, or more specifically, has the ability to grant immortality to any living being including himself through proper application of his power either constantly or on a regular basis.

And as a side note, both of Edward Kaluza's profile pictures look like the definition of creepiness, but at the same time, I hope I look like him when I'm forty.
Talk about a glowing personality. Maybe she should have a doctor look at that. Oh wait....