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gamerguy 101
meh. who cares.
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    I'll give you a hint, it starts with whatever you want it to be
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oddly with that reference, I'm now thinking of drownball... which still makes more sense than blitzball.
at least that makes more sense than what I had interpreted as, and showing how egotistical and whiny I probably am, that the 2 year comment I made should be thrown up as a comic to make people laugh at me. so shows how smart I am
I talked to apple directly on msn. YEs that is kinda crap but I only mention that on rare occasions. usually it's random outbursts.
I only ask as to show how pointless and worthless I am, I've been applying for about 2 years on here. so yeah. mock me all you like
err... sorry if I'm sounding like a douche but what happened to spot 5?
*yami's head shows up randomly* this is a comic page about wizards... aparently.
Oh hey, it's Psycho Mantis in more clothing, and possibly more bondage gear.
heh. Remember reading that series as a kid. Better than any of that twilight shit, or harry potter. Course nowadays, I read the classics. 1984, the divine comedy, of mice and men, etc.
This will make sense if you've played through the campaign of Modern Warfare 2.

Yeah, saw it while playing the campaign on Veteran and just laughed my ass off. Specially cause he kept yelling at me to "get out of the way of Honey Badger!"
No, he's not really psychic... his bandmates are idiots, so it's predictable after a while...

Also, crystal meth cupcakes to whoever can correctly name the song that the Ipod in his back pocket is playing, and the band that made it.
uh, since I have no idea what's going on, I guess I'll take next.
Hey. I'm one of the guys, and it seems like the only one who doesn't know but one guy here. Yo marcus, so, I need a few sprites, since I've looked, and can't find soem sheets. mainly, you Mr. SMF.

but regardless, here's my stuff:

hopefully I can make some friends.
hey. one of the usual suspects here. I tried to send an application, but I still have one pending from last time, cause of all the mix-up. I fsomeone could help, I'd apreciate it.
I sent an application... just saying. Cause I'm betting I'm either too late or will be ignored... I wish there wasn't that communication error...
yes, because with the current situation, either it's a cruel joke, or there's favoratism or something... I dunno. Waiting patiently with an unbalanced mind makes you rather.... edgy, shall we say?
Sorry to be a nudge but, for those of us who want to become authors, how DO we send applications? Are our applications a comment, a PM we need to send to someone, what? I'm sorry for this, but I've been waiting to join for some time, and I just want to be clear on the terms this is based on.
Just out of morbid curiostiy... how the hell are applicants going to be judged? The place already has about 8 or 10 people vying for an unspecified number of positions, so what's the criteria we will be judged on?
I'd join, and I beleive I may have a chance. I got references, free time, more ideas than possible, and I'm not an idiot who stirs up troble. Plus, I did send an application in months ago just to see if I had a chance. But If I don't get in, I'll be patient.
I'm an idiot
YEs, to all who do not know me, I am an idiot. I am the WORST social person EVER.
I just want to say one thing people... I liek comments. To modify a quote from Scrubs "This wonderful comic-making machine runs on comments" it sows I'm not favorited by most of you because use your characters. So, comment plz? ;_;