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@DuskPhoenix: Hey. Atty already looks and acts the part of a villain. He's cynical, he smokes, he burns entire forests down.

This is just the natural progression of things.
If this is going where I think it's going; so much dramatic suspense!

Works out this way, anyway. Real Rocket teams are very sex-egalitarian. There's always one male and one female.
@DuskPhoenix: You forgot about his good ol' buddy Dragonthing? I don't think Atty's gonna give her up. Do you?
@Raxis: ... He "proves he can do good art" by having George "obtain references" for him.

Obtained "said references" don't get returned, that is, get returned to the wrong people.
WHY IS HE SO FRIENDLY? He couldn't have already forgotten that these were the RUDE YOUNGSTERS who refused to move, could he???
Those frames are entirely too ornate for some of those drawings.
@Guest: I dunno about that. He looks more like he's suffering severe PTSD at the traumatic event being brought back up again.
@H0lyhandgrenade: lol. Thanks for the confirmation. Guess I'll just superimpose this image in my mind whenever I read Harry Potter again. Definitely a better rendition than the movie anyway, lol.

I still can't seem to remember, but for some reason think, there was a statue involving Native Americans of this ilk though... think it's the Marowak leading the way that's probably triggering that.
@Evilbob_dA: I could also be totally hallucinating and just be thinking of Harry Potter's Fountain of Magical Brethren.
... I feel like I've seen this statue before somewhere...or whatever it was modeled after...

Seem to remember a boring humanities class on racist art and there was this commentary on how having a bunch of adoring natives surrounding a white imperialist admiringly was bad or something...
So dark and edggyyyyy
@Riverfox237: Nah. His cold logic is exactly that. Cold logic. No enabling. He states the truth of the matter: "[Bad people] manage to justify doing terrible things all the time. To themselves, anyway" and then follows up with an example of self-justification.

@Syntras: I know, right!? His ability to engage in subtle nuances and contradictions displays a level of education and/or intelligence that phenomenal for a homeless child! (eg saying he won't give advice, yet giving it anyway; because yes, offering the analysis opposing actions and exploring potential rationales for said actions counts as offering advice.)
@The Missingno. Master: Especially since the fact he's stealing it back is well... demonstrating the skillset of doing better work. So if he removed a valuable asset without orders. Yeah. That's grounds for termination.
loooool. I'm sad it's been changed before I could see the original.

I was thinking to myself, "What is Guest talking about? It's clearly a left hand there since it's on the right!"
@HVoice: I only like asshole characters when they get their comeuppance.

Which I guess means that I don't like them at all.
@Evilbob_dA: Especially since it's all in the wording. "I took it!! It was on his table and I took it" suggests that she did NOT break-and-enter and did NOT steal it... that Abel was willing to consort with a little girl (instead of his spurned lover) and invite her to his house (where she took something).

A more appropriate phrase to deflect blame from Abel (as well as be fully honest) should really have been "I stole it!! I broke into his house and stole it!" lol
"You.. You! You left me for a little girl!?!"

That's totally what's going to happen next, ain't it? Because there's no way that any conflict in Mokepon will ever be resolved in a peaceful, rational, and logical fashion, especially when the potential for misunderstanding is so explosively rich.
@Malc Modnar: Well. TBF, it was almost a year ago (about 10 months, like 9months and 21 days ago, or 294 days. But really. Who's counting?).
@Caio: It's okay. I don't blame you for not remembering. I barely remembered myself.

10 months ago, (only yesterday in comic time), they decided to eat ice cream to celebrate having finished training. Atty was complaining that things were too quiet. (Oh, if only you had known then what you know now). He got ice cream to the face by George as reward for his observation. and then got face-creamed/tabled with backing up of a chair into him by some rude irate person.
Who apparently turned out to be the gym leader. Even then she had little streaks of lightning running down her arm (although at that time, it just looked like some kind of ribbon thingies so I thought it was an art mistake or something. Obviously it was the something.)
And then we find out George was the true hero of the story after all...

...actually... isn't George already? Atty's literally just there as the straight man to George's insane antics.