Currently working on Monster Boy!
Any excuse to draw Chad as often as possible really.
@SethRedfield089: Thanks! Hope you enjoy it. c:
Skitter skitter skitterbug!
All right, almost a month has passed since the last update, let's do this.

(Sorry about that. Sucks having poor health. Better now!)
Hey guys, sorry there was no update last week. Had some health problems. I'm back on track now, so please have this update a day early!
Crowd scene? More like a game of "Spot how many cameos of her non-MB OCs Para has drawn THIS time".
Monsters are nothing if not clingy.
Sorry for the inconvenience.

I do not want to delete the old pages hosted on this comic, so I've chosen to give MB a fresh start. Please find the new comic at

Thank you for your patience.
At last, I can finally announce:

I got a new job! I recently accepted a Designer/Illustrator job offer at Imagine Publishing in Bournemouth. As well as designing the layout of the magazine, I will be illustrating some of its content. So this will be the second publication that I’ve illustrated for! Super excited to start in late August!

So I'm sorry about the lack of updates, guys! I hope this is sufficient explanation for my absence.

The catch is, since I will also be employed on a freelance basis to illustrate for other magazines the company produces, my contract does not allow me to take freelance jobs OUTSIDE of work. So if anyone out there wants to commission me, now’s the time! After August 26th, I won’t be able to take commissions anymore. Not for a looong time. :C

If you’re interested, please head over to my DA for further information about commissioning me.

Thanks guys! Wish me luck! C:
I'm back from holiday! And updates will resume. C:

@repsychus: Aww! No worries! ;v;/ I hope you're feeling better!
Okay, first he was badass, and now he's also just downright attractive. Dayum.
(Thank you for that little waistline shot in the first panel myeess :DD <3)

Did I mention I love the design for the Gutter Demons? Because I do. Especially the way you draw the gloopiness - I can easily imagine how they'd move.
It takes true skill to make a guy wielding a rubber band look badass! Nicely done! ouo

Waah I am so excited for this comic. Please rest up, I hope you feel better soon!
It looks gorgeous! Best of both worlds. c:

Weeeeh run run run! OAO;
I tend to prefer frequent updates over superpretty updates myself, even if the page is unfinished when it's uploaded. These pages did call for colour though, to emphasise his green eyes and good looks, so that was a good call. But always story > art, no matter what style you use to tell it.

Most of us have lives outside of comics, so please don't feel pressured to work too hard, especially when you're sick! Take care of yourself!

(That said, I'm really enjoying this comic so far. .u. <3 Can't wait for the next update!)
Poor Boy doesn't like crowds much. >:
You guys are great.
You all seem to get the idea, but just to clarify:

I made the text on this page small on purpose. You're not supposed to be able to read it. Please note that Boy's 'sigh' is written in a proper font size, as was Ms Abbey's text on the previous page.

I made the bullies' text small to indicate that Boy is hearing them talk from a distance, and therefore can't make out what they're saying. He listens and waits for them to leave. Once it's quiet, he knows he's safe to go.

So don't worry about it. Boy can't tell what they're saying, so the reader isn't supposed to be able to tell either. C:
If you're having trouble accessing the site, I apologise - I'm having some temporarily domain trouble! It should be fixed soon.

After a long hiatus, the Monster Boy webcomic will resume updating on its third anniversary: April 30 2014!

Please note: the comic is now being hosted on a new domain name: Unfortunately (oddly), the original domain name,, is now being used by another company to redirect to an audiobook site. If you’d rather read a comic than listen to an audiobook, please do remember those two extra dashes!

This new domain name was set up very recently and isn’t yet fully functioning, so for now, the comic can still be accessed using the SJ URL: I will post another update to let you all know when the new domain is up and running properly. Sorry about that!

I am planning to host a brief LiveStream on April 30 to discuss the comic’s future in detail. Times are TBC and will be announced later. (Needless to say, I’ll also post anything important I have to say regarding the comic online. So if you can’t make it for the LS, you won’t miss the details.)

Thank you all very much for your patience. I hope you enjoy the story!