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Currently working on Monster Boy!
@dransnake: Thank you so much! I hope you'll enjoy what's to come. c:
Hey guys, we're back!! After an """extended vacation""" haha; Sorry for the silence!

With this, scene one is complete and we'll be moving on to scene two next! Whoo! :D
As if I couldn't love these two any more than I already did. Ugh, my heart. <3
Sorry MB didn't update last week! I got sick. =^= I'll catch up asap!
This is page one of a TWO PAGE UPDATE! Please click through to see the next page!

And big thanks to all the new readers who joined recently! I'd be curious to know how you found the comic; if you could drop me a comment, I'd be grateful. Have a nice day. c:
Toby Bennett, a middle-schooler who avoids socializing in favor of maintaining his online blog, tries to hide his ability to see invisible, misery-eating monsters from his fellow students. But when he’s discovered by two other kids with the same ability, he will come to realize he doesn’t have to suffer alone.

Monster Boy is about three kids with mental illness. It’s about bullying, loss, and the importance of friendship and self-care. It’s about a kid who will fail to endure.

(It’s mostly light-hearted though. Honest.)

This comic is funded by Patreon, and will update once a week.
@Hiro: Thanks so much! I hope you enjoy the new MB. c:
@LIFELINE COMICS: Thank you! I enjoy working with heavy lines a lot too. c:
@Oly-RRR: Dude, for real? Sorry to hear that, that is a really inappropriate thing for a teacher to say!

Thanks man, I appreciate your support! c:
Any excuse to draw Chad as often as possible really.
@SethRedfield089: Thanks! Hope you enjoy it. c:
Skitter skitter skitterbug!
All right, almost a month has passed since the last update, let's do this.

(Sorry about that. Sucks having poor health. Better now!)
Hey guys, sorry there was no update last week. Had some health problems. I'm back on track now, so please have this update a day early!
Crowd scene? More like a game of "Spot how many cameos of her non-MB OCs Para has drawn THIS time".
Monsters are nothing if not clingy.
Sorry for the inconvenience.

I do not want to delete the old pages hosted on this comic, so I've chosen to give MB a fresh start. Please find the new comic at

Thank you for your patience.
At last, I can finally announce:

I got a new job! I recently accepted a Designer/Illustrator job offer at Imagine Publishing in Bournemouth. As well as designing the layout of the magazine, I will be illustrating some of its content. So this will be the second publication that I’ve illustrated for! Super excited to start in late August!

So I'm sorry about the lack of updates, guys! I hope this is sufficient explanation for my absence.

The catch is, since I will also be employed on a freelance basis to illustrate for other magazines the company produces, my contract does not allow me to take freelance jobs OUTSIDE of work. So if anyone out there wants to commission me, now’s the time! After August 26th, I won’t be able to take commissions anymore. Not for a looong time. :C

If you’re interested, please head over to my DA for further information about commissioning me.

Thanks guys! Wish me luck! C:
I'm back from holiday! And updates will resume. C: