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Since this is supposed to be a personal description... I'm a Bob and George fan, hence why my first comic was based on it... because it was intended to be a fancomic for the Bob and George community (I was a forum member there for a very short time until it fully closed).
The only way to contact me is sending me PMs.
I used to have a website, but it's abandoned now so no point in leaving it here.
I am, or at least used to, be a pretty big fan of Nintendo, SEGA, and Capcom, though lately I've been fairly out of touch. Now I'm more of a Touhou fan, really.
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Yea if I were in Keeby's place I'd be asking a lot of questions too rn.
Ball and Leaf, huh.
… and no, I Don't mean the Pokémon Trainer by the latter name, lmao.
Suddenly we Yin-Yang now
Suplex/Throw and Animal
Bubble, Laser, Archer, and the previous page featured Smash's jab.
God damn it, Daniel…
Kirby's shadow almost seems to indicate his current state of mind.
I know this is Kirby we're talking about, but I think Keeby underestimated the consequences of his actions… or how big of an impact they had on Kirby.
Either way, I agree with Daisy, violence is not the answer.
Kirby has a point there
Shoulda left the talking to Kirsy after all you did, Keeby.
Kinda hard to tell he turned around without either checking the previous comic or reading the comments tbh
So Kirby's conscience can only communicate with the outside of his body through Poyo language… Nice.
I love that last panel. Ice Man versus Heat Man just like I thought.
Proto Man's Barbie Castle
Bob(by) and George… nice.
I just realized the missing letters spell out E.G.M.A.N.
Add another G before/after the G we already have, and you have an unintentional joke.
Nah Meta Knight, I bet he's just wondering if he left the oven on.
Edit: or maybe…
Everyone is being so serious about it but Drogan is just like "I went to get a soda what's going on?". XD
That moment in the comic when you remember that, yes, Kirby can eat things.
Panel 6 is my favorite
Panel 2 is one hell of a mood lol