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August 5th, 2014
Oh my goodness. So I just binged and read this entire thing in one sitting. Your creation of character is fantastic, you refuse to let even the side characters be anything but interesting! You aren't afraid to show all aspects of how life can be in this vaaaast community. Whether its accepting, complete rejection, or anywhere in between, its touched base on. Even now, you've brought up a character that seems to have FWBs or something similar.

Thank you so much for putting so much time and effort into this creation.
Dun dun dunnn. New character? Or is that just that other dude, but... different looking? And why does DragonThing look all worried or something? Or constipated. Either one.

And ohman. That animation was funny xD And yum, british accents. Poor poor mr. Wolfman though. I have a feeling I now need to read your other comics.
Awe fiiiiiine. Ruin my dreams of Alex hovering outside the hall in his birthday suit. FINE. :P
Freaking love the first two panels, they're both so happy and cute :)
Ahahaha. I love how his sunburned eyes keep on changing :P Nice consistency :P <3
But man! I am surprised the dude has the balls to wear a shirt, even if it is loose like that.
And Everley, maaan you are a tease. I freaking love you xD
He blends into the road. I thought he was a decapitated head for a moment.
But awemannnn. Now I miss Isabel D:
Jordan is such a freaking cutie in the fourth panel thoughhhh.
Hubba... Huur...
-brain explodes-

Well. That was quite possibly one of the worst cliffhangers I've ever had on comic reading history.
Also, it isn't April 1st in my timezone, so your voting incentive made me sad D: And made me laugh.
I completely and utterly love this page :) Dake looks so preeettyyyyyy.
And I am ohsocurious as to who the heck is leaving the house o__o DUN DUN DUNNNN. (M'betting its the crazy mother)
Okay, I'm insane. I think I only looked at the two fingers that weren't toned because they were all... whatever the term is.
And awwwwwwwwe. Poor Atty, manly crying. And I love how there's stairs like, four feet away. Fail Atty, fail.
-smack- REJECTED.
Poor poor Richard.
But... that is so not cool. Richaaaaaaarddddddddddd. -huggles-
And ohman. I love awkward moments like this :) ... As long as I'm not involved. xD

EDIT: Uhm. I'm with Nilla on this... Did Henry all of a sudden get a disappearing wig?
I can pretty much HEAR the purrs that Ariel is making in that panel. ... Or fish-happy-noises. Whatever he would make.
Wait, what?
Wouldn't his hand colour in the previous page be more... toned? With his complexion and all?
... Why the heck did I think "ITS MISTY! In man form!" >____> I think I'm insane.
But aweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. DT! <3
Pffffft. Who needs backgrounds anyway?
And yeesh! Three pages in one day? (Or was I seriously that far behind on updates?) I don't care if these were posted late... Nice surprise :)
The blurring on the last panel looks cool :o
I KNEW it was a good idea to quickly check SJ before sleeping...
This page is so full of fuzzy feelings I have a feeling I'll be dreaming of freaking gumdrops and candy xD
Henry's expression in the last panel... PRICELESS.
Gotta love how they're just hanging off the railing...
Very cool perspective :)
I feel silly. I didn't notice he fell in the last panel. Way to go self.
But awe, Atty... Tsk tsk tsk.
I love the perspective on the fourth panel though :3 Along with Atty's face.
Size is pretty darn good for me. This comic actually has way bigger size of pages then other comics I read soo... :P
Ahaha! Yes, those two who's names I totally forget ATM are adorable to me xD Sneaky holes and sneaking up on people.
... Can I steals the awesome cupcake while these two lovely boys make out? Please? :3

Also, YEE! close up of yummy Greg hand tattoos <3

Happy Early Birthday Everly! I loves you even though you don't seem to age. And still look more femme then Jordan in some shots~ (Read: All)
I thiiiiink I'm going senile... Why do I keep forgetting who these other characters are?!?! Whatever, gives me an excuse to re-read JH. :3

And I freaking love the last panel xD Both their expressions... Mm <3