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Soulmate 2 comes to see what all the commotion is and we get to see the two fuse (Ps: Thank you for making this I adore it "])
I love Aiden's face in the last pannel!
ayy Im the same hight as julian
The usual style
Welcome back!
Same here with the clown thing
oh thats so cute
Hi! I just binge read this whole comic and I love it!
'You sentient misshapen cotton candy' omg
yiss emily
Yes! Pan representation!!! Also, isn't bisexuality just attraction to two genders?
I know how ellis feels.
all of the wink wonk (don't worry about it)
I hope your exam went well!
okay I will! *feels hug ensues*
ugh I have finals too
what if eyelashes-senpai liked kuri-senpai in the past and kuri rejected him and he is trying to get revenge?