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One day I'll finish a comic
I love your comic omgggosh. Keep it up :) i'm always checking on it
Oh shittt
Nice! I'm digging this story. Keep it up :)
Oooh this is gonna be gud
your characters are soo cute. I dig their design
damnnn. challenge accepted
those eyes! I dig it
great drawing!
still awesome work as always ;;b
*bookmarks* yes it is I. the person whom talked to you a few months ago and likes drawing but hasnt started her super gay girl comic just yet. I will be reading through your new story!! :) so yea, hi again!
oh god this is some heavy stuff ;;
s-so cute.. *dies*
mickey is bae *swoon*
uGH i miss this comic. i would sell my nonexistent firstborn for you to update *CRieS*
i feel her so badly *hug MC*
intriguing so far... btw, do you watch bleach? I can see some Beach in your art style ^^
(a random passerby who was just glancing) but, maaan, that really sucks that you were driven to the point to this. I agree that SJ has its flaws with the amount of ...certain genres. And a comic isn't fun if you're forced to draw something you don't even feel like drawing anymore. (Comicfury is a pretty great place to host and there's a great, active community for comic/art, if you need another comic hosting place). So, good luck with your other comic. Keep doing what you enjoy :)
i cant take this lmao
Whoa. Really cool