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Likes: Webcomics, drawing, daydreaming, techno, classical music, my characters, food, fire, spriting, yaoi/shounen ai, video games, my tablet, and free stuff on the internet(like my screen tones~).

Dislikes: spiders, water, cold, sitting still, focusing, math, and people who yell about my comics without actually giving any constructive criticism(in my opinion, if you're going to be mean at least be helpful!).
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    Haley Graff
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XD Richard and henry's faces are priceless.
XD aw, cheap. you drew the kiss from the back.

Of course that doesn't take away from the fact that this is SOOOO FREAKING ADORABLE!!!

XD I love their reactions too.
=) Your right, it is corny, but that's what makes it so wonder-fuffily awesome.

I just found a new favorite adjective, yay!
minor constructive criticism: Their standing profiles are sort of stiff. not sure why.

Other than that itty-bitty detail, this page can be summed up in one word: SQUEEEEL~!
*skips around in anticipation of sappy/cute/fluffy/possibly kissing scene.*
Yay for Liam's Daddy!
*begins sneaking up on Mrs. Dove with baseball bat*

Heaven forbid she ever finds out about what Richard's been up to. XD
I think Trish and Jade look great in the top of the page!

=O oooo~ SExy molestation in dressing room maybe?? *drools*
How can you focus on homework at a time like this!?
LAWL. XDD in the last few panels he seems to have aged backwards.
The second-to-last panel is the essence of cute. X3
;o; Aaaaaaawwww!!!! *glomps liam* Don't cry! TT.TT

oO Two more chapters?? *dies from waiting*
oo I love Henry's cowlicks. they're adorable. If yo want impossible hair, look at Ivan in my icon. His bangs shouldn't exist. XD

Henry's a very perceptive uke.
God, it's hard to decide who my favorite is...
^^ I actually really like henry. followed by richard, and edward.
lol, I love the second to last panel with richard. XD *sparkle, sparkle*
=3 I knew Liam would end up being talked to like henry in the same way. so cute~
Aaawww. Poor Richard was deprived of Henry love for a long time then. XD He must have been awfully persistent.
awwwwwww....*glomps richard* Good big brother!
^^ I love the toning on this page. There are also just plain great pictures(I love the first panel!), and I dig Edwards transparent bed curtains. X3

Aaaww, poor Edward.At least his brother's there to help, if not make things worse. XD
They're soooo cu~te!! X3

Going to japan?? Awww. Lucky. ;_; I wanna go see Tokyo tower before it gets torn down...