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We've got the highest demographic of redhead characters outside of the Weasley family.
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Sorry for the hiatus
Sorry it took so long to update, guys! Things have been very busy for me the last few months, between taking a very difficult test for my job, getting married, and buying a new house. But I should be able to get updates going again now. Thank you!
@visard45: Yes it will! I'm SO SORRY! I've had a very busy couple of months. I had to take a very difficult test for my job, got married, and went house shopping. x_x I'll work on getting this comic going again!
Sorry it's been a while. I've just pulled myself out of a pretty deep depression.
I definitely need to catch back up. :) Just wanted to let you know that I've adored your comic from the beginning and love how your art has improved. Keep it up!
Happy New Year everyone! Here's not only a new page, but the final one for the opening scene! YAAAYYY!! This new year we'll be getting into the meat of the story, and hopefully at a faster pace. Thank you all for reading! - Kiyomi
@Keenan: I missed me too. ;A; I'll probably continue being an off and on poster. I'm always so freaking tired. x_x
How did this come out 4kb larger than it should have?! I put WAY more into the last page and it didn't go over. Oh well. Just re-saving it in photoshop put it well below the limit. (WTF)
@Keenan: And TBH I think this plot-line is much better than the original Fan Fiction version. :3 I'm trying to figure out how I want the next page's layout to be.
@Keenan: I've never seen Cowboy Bebop... but yeah Evi's always been very Alucard in nature.
@Keenan: Glad to be back!
@notally: XD Wrong comic you massive nerd. ... well sort of... you should have said "RIE"
@Keenan: GAH I didn't realize I've been getting comments all this time. Yeah. Life is allowing me to work on this more. YAAAY!
@Jacob Chimera: Aaaaaactually, this is a rewrite of one of my fanfictions ON Not only that but A Blaze In Hellsing the FF has a page at the end leading my readers there to my comic here.
@notally: Why thank you for your TOTALLY UNSUSPICIOUS comment. But I'm afraid I'm going to have to kill off that Ally Character. I have NO IDEA what to do with her after this.
-whew- sorry about that. I had to edit this page. While I was working I totally forgot what I as going to put as the dialogue. Then I happened across a reminder and... well... here we are.
@Keenan: I'm still working on it. I added a new page recently. Everything's just weighing down on me at once this week. I'm sick. We have manditory overtime at work this week, and we're trying to find a new place. But I'll get back to work on this as soon as I can. :)
zzzzzzzzz -drools on tablet, pen held loosely in hand-
Oh gosh... I didn't realize it had been 3 weeks. I'm sorry!!
2 pages in one day. I hope that makes up for things just a little. I'm super tired now though. :) Goodnight everyone!