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Tragic Education
I'm a very peculiar person. Usually I am lazy. I love drawing but I'm not the best artist ever... I have a Gaia Online account. Don't ask why it sounds really bad. It is aki_chan_desu...
I thought Gunnar would be able to fight those Machokes. TT.TT
I wish I can draw hands like that... I suck at drawing them... I try avoiding hands sometimes... D=
Alrighty then! Thank you! =D
Ghost, I just emailed it to you. I gave you a link to the picture in the email. ^.^
The grass is so pretty! By the way, I made fanart for you. How should I give it to you?
It's really nice! I love Lee's outfit! X3
Hah! Band camp! You can always meet the most unusual people there! I like how the tree randomly falls on Tah! XD
Eh... I was too lazy to color the skin... Also I just had to make to make Risa dress up as Sasuke from Naruto! She reminds me of a female demented version of him. For those who don't know, I got Himu Ken from Rurouni Kenshin. All I did was shorten the name Himura Kenshin. Well, I guess I don't have to explain the Pokemon reference....
I really love how I drew Risa in that little circle. ^.^
Darn it the "Z" got messed up... Oh well! Just to tell you, Risa will only change the clothes. Not hair or anything like that. But after this, whole makeover thing, they're probably won't wear the clothes Risa gave them anyway. ^_^
I drew this yesterday due to boredom... I bet some people cannot read my craptastic handwriting so I'll just post what the text is.

Risa: It's under 900!
Risa and Hunter (upsidedown): !
Crazy Kid: That's sad. Loituma Hunter? DBZ Risa? C-R-A-Z-Y. And you guys thought I was crazy. BTW. I saw blood.
(A Few Minutes later...)
Crazy Kid: Lol. Blood.
I remember I made this yesterday when I was bored. I drew Risa as a Powerpuff girl. >.<
Yay! Hunter is here! *jumps for joy* =D
@ Hunterkirizaki: Yay... BLOOD! *insert evil laughter here*

@ Aear: Wee! Thanks a bunch!
This is Risa's profile-bio-thingy. As you can see, she's very unique. =o
I made this crappy filler on Microsoft Paint in the car from my vacation in Virginia... It's too hard using the laptop mouse pad thingy instead of an actual mouse.... TT_TT
I remember I made this comic two months ago . I had a blank space because I kinda messed up on this comic... Perhaps I should have put the blank space on the bottom right instead of the top right.
Thanks Thyme! I see you found out about my webcomic! =D