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So fucking sorry ;v; I need to get myself back together with the nuz stuff but I still have a month of school left so in May S.E will continue!

Here is some of questions:
LamentedGuide: Your characters have some really unique names, care to explain the meaning behind them?
Well most of them are me being lazy like Blaze the Blaziken but others...

Rudi: Wolf, spent a long time looking for a cute name for him online

Lilium: Latin for Lily

Zepar and Furfur: I misspelt Zephyr and then I caught a silcoon afterwards, so I rolled with it naming her Furfur in reference to the Umineko no Naku Koro Ni characters Zepar and Furfur. All the bugs are named after the 72 demons of Solomon because of that.

The twin’s father: the 71st demon, Dantalion ,

The twin’s mother: Hani (also known as the 58th demon Amy)

Lera: the 14th demon Leraje

Zepar: The 16th demon that cause a woman to fall in love with a man

Furfur: the 34th demon that cause love between a man and a woman.

Kisuenart: Where does your inspiration for SE, its characters, etc., come from? Also what tips do you have for other nuzlockers/comic artist for drawing comics, plot, or world building?

Lol, I’m just a weeb that use many pop culture references into my characters and story. Of course I don’t totally strip them from their source, I still have to mix my plot/characters with other references both in media, irl, and even quotes I like. which I advise, along with trying to break some tropes along the way.Here’s a list of my inspiration to see where my thought processes went through
Plot: SAO setting and Umineko writing style (toned down), “Never one... without the other.”, “ Without love, the truth cannot be seen.

Blaze: Strong as Erza, fight style of Morgiana. “I was created for this but now I’m unsure”

Rudi: Shoujo protag as a male, balances the team out, beta Aali’s personality (oc of mines)

Zepar and Furfur: my sister’s derpiness, flip some gender norms, fun looking as Yugioh protags (used Arc-V’s Yuya and Yuzu as reference),

Lilium: Iris Heart, starts conflict with redacted, HM Slaves are forgotten in nuzlockes; give her a bigger role

Ely: apparence sticks out from all nuz characters but belongs in a ruby locke,troublesome, goofy quirks

Lilium's translation: “Thank you! My voice isn’t all that beautiful but I do love to sing lullabies. As for the other question, as much as I miss my family in Kalos, I much prefer Hoenn. I have more chances in Hoenn...”

Ely&GM: Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei- Election

Blaze: RWBY - Neon

Rudi: One Punch Man- Strongest Man

Lilium: Max Repka - A Chord Ian Ma Sheen-

Zepar: JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Stardust Crusaders

Furfur: Steven Universe - Dance of Swords (Remix)


New Teammate: Blue Stahli - Shotgun Señorita

New Teammate: League of Legends - Here Comes Vi (Instrumental)

Vs Emery: Haikyuu- Supernatural Haste

Vs Topaz: Boku no Hero Academia - Battle Training

Dewford chaos: Boku no Hero Academia - Villain’s Theme

Primrose: Umineko no Naku Koro Ni- Liberated Liberator

Vs Shinobu: Naruto - Risking it All
Next update will come soon as possible!!!
Author Notes:
1. Hopefully this will show the relationship of these characters
2. Now watch me go poof again.
3. Oh yeah, this was supposed to be separated but I'm too lazy to upload 3 things
Author Notes:
1. I would to like to tank my sister for helping me flat this out 8'D
2. This is just a transition page to the training. Just to show where things are at and to GM contacting Ely
3. I will show the loooooong messages they sent to each other sometime later
4. Take this as a valentine update!
5. Yes Ely is teleportation-sick X'D
Author Notes:
1. Jealousy is and can make you a bitch.
2. That was Primrose recently as a ralts. Need a nice time gap in between first meeting her and before the game started.
3. She was always a chaotic little mess with a childish mindset.
Author Notes:
1.Songs they sang for karaoke and scores~
Ely: My Heart Will Go On- Celine Dion [12%]
Blaze: Colorful Way- SOFIA [100%]
Rudi: -stage fright- Would've sang something from "Set it Off" or "Fall Out Boys" [-]
Lilium: Le Festin- Ratatouille [76%]
Zepar and Furfur: BelieveXBelieve- Bullettrain [89%]
Caelum: -Did not participate- Would've sang that song Batman sang [-]
Hua: Shake it Off- Taylor Swift [63%]
Rosario: El Sonidito- Hechizeros Band (He was really drunk and he dance to it) [41%]
Jaenne: O Mio Babbino Caro [96%]
2. Congrats to the winners of the outfit desgins~ (I'mma continue using them for a while btw XD) raycchan, thefabhawk,jonquilladin,lugia-sea,and raineyj from deviant art
3. Things will only get faster from here~ Next is a small <sub>forshadowing</sub> talk in their rooms, and then next update(s) is training montage and stuff. After that it's the gym~
4. Necklace and other things will be mention in a few extra pages. Coming soon~ (Yep. dropping the story a bit for those pages. RIP
Author Notes:
1.Yes the new Poke-Ba.L.L, is based off of the kalo's pokedex. This thing is gonna have a fairly significant role in the story. After this chapter, we're all set can start the training montage for the gym batter afterwards!
2. The Poke-Ba.L.L also functions as a dex, stat updated, PokeNav, cellphone, etc. I just REALLY didn't want to draw and design like 5 different gadgets.
3. GM totally picked out those last names and d.o.b for Rudi and Blaze (they are the same age as the game, so they are around 21 years old). Not to mention fix up other random stuff. GM really is Deus Ex Machina here, lol.

4. Next page will feature the casual outfits and will be longer than this update ^^
5. :new: Age of dependency.
Age 0-11: Dependent Need a guardian 24/7 to watch over them and are not allow to register for battle (they may train till their twelfth birthday. Since Rudi's birthday is a month away from the current date, he was excluded from that rule (kinda like how you can register to vote 6 months before you turn 18).
Also G.M's fault.

Age 12-20: Semi-Independent They can do what they want like in the Pokemon anime but all battles have to be picked by the trainer. Pretty much the trainer is like the manager also they all have to do some sort of test.

Age 21+: Independent Full freedom. Just don't kill anyone, lol. They can skip out testing but have to pay a hella lot more extra taxes.
@Jacob Chimera: I'm glad that I made your day ;D
Author Notes:
1. I mainly made these things up for my benefit in writing and drawing.

2. We also know that Rudi, Blaze, and Finn remembers when everything was a game, meaning that they heavily relied on a game respawn system prevent dying, so death is something they never feared until now.

3. For the Yuumei city thing, I was just being a lazy butt. I was practicing by what I usually which is mimic the image I see and then apply what I learned to something else, which is the fight scene in this case. I realized I had to draw a scenery for those panels and I didn't felt like drawing a new one. If I get asked a lot about it I'll switch it out (probably not anytime soon... ugh. homework.) But yeah. Just don't praise me or credit me on those two panels at all.

Tutorial link:…
4. The AR and Bloodrush (will be explained more in chapter 11 or 12) is a way for me to have a more “possible” way to die in my opinion.

For the AR;

a. I assume that all league members are professionals with licenses so they should be able to refrain from purposely killing opponents.

b. Not to mention it’s a futuristic sci-fi universe. I assume they would have the technology to do these feats to prevent any of these awkward situations.

c. It’s mainly for plot reasons because I’ve seen the “Evil Gym Leader” trope often. Death can be an accident and should not be as common in a government regulated sport/tradition/thing. Not to mention playing with the glitches would be fun.

For the blood rush;

a. I wanted to have a CLEAR difference between pokemons and humans by their supernatural feats and how they act in battle.

b.This is also to give more purpose to the trainers on why pokemons would be required to have a human around as oppose to having a full on gijinka squad.

c. Also like above, plot reasons.
Author Notes:
1. Not much to say here other than I've been waiting quite a while to make this shit joke.

2. Yes, Rudi is serious. He really does think that his ear is broken like any dog. There wil be more dog jokes for Rudi.

3. Also the shit duct tape and superglue meme joke. Kill me X'D
They won't let me upload the file some reason, so go here: 2339868
Author's notes
I'mma start commenting with these notes later.

1.) I can make some of these into fake screenshots easily X'D
2.) I am trying to make up some weird cusswords. Is it working?
3.) Gordon Ramsey reference.
4.) Town of Salem is weird game set in Salem but you also try to find werewolves, and vampires, and stuff??? I only played it for a while but it as fun XD
5.) That is definitely Clover before he swap genders. He was named Madison at the time.
@Grinning Wolf: The thing is not a movie. It's the thing.
This is like my third kill
Yeah, I just love killing family members ;p
Most of my bullshitting comes with reason~
I got my shit together for school and I think S.E's officially back and there will be more frequent updates!
There will be extra pages
Explaining the motives and background of these two characters, but deadlines and projects.
More will come up soon
Extra comics maybe delayed and other pages of chapter 8 may come before it.
I feel like a jumped a panel too soon... Oops.