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Roleplaying, etc, etc... yeah...
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I made this a while ago, after I made the Craer and Egon sprites seen there... I was listening to Disturbed's Land of Confusion, and thought, "Hey, that all applies to Chaos City..."

Hence I made that...

well, that, and I wanted a 'characters looking out over city' type thing, but when I tried using Forte and Gospel's cliff from the credits in 7, the colors for the sprites got all out of whack...
Gomen, gomen!!!
Gomen nasai, Egon-sama!!! I'll try and whip up something between finishing my website and writing my persuasive speech... haven't had time due to the End-Of-The-Semester-Pileup...

Heh. Not a bad sprite comic. I'll have to make one when I get done with this speech and my websit... after that, it's clear sailing for the rest of the semester, other than finals and the Visual BASIC project... I love my Comp Sci class.
the mage hater must DIE!!!

good comic, though, Enzeru
Maybe that's why they're in the hats... they drank all the green beer...
Yeaaah... end of the semester, stuff's just piling on top, so I havent had time... OTHER RP SITE PEOPLE!!! TIME FOR STUFF!!! SUBMIT, SUBMIT, SUBMIT!!! Don't make Craer rant at you!

That is all...

Oh yeah... SCORCHING RAY!!!
The RP Site stuff...
It'll get back to it, just thought I'd do a little exposition before I kicked the plot into gear... mostly filler whilst I sprite... all that customization isn't easy, you know... besides... ^_^ Teh plot gets going soon.
Oh. Really? I thought it was gehenna (obviously). Oh well... I'll make a mental note of that. Thank you for correcting me.
Aaah... more sprited mayhem by me... and yes, I pulled the cliched 'Dr. Light uses complicated curse words' thing. I thought it was less done to death than 'Dr. Light is a drunk bastard', and it's at least in character for a scientist...
Gotta love it when evildoers do themselves in by killing someone the hero loves, thereby royally pissing off the hero, making him fight 10 times better.
Maybe the ninja is representative of Craer??? IDK... it's just funny the way Napoleon dynamite is funny. It makes NO SENSE so much that it just forces you to laugh.
Trippy. Good, though. Heh... but yeah, more Aust comics to come, I was just reaaally late in getting them finished and sent to Egon. I spent most of the time it took looking for sprites 'cuz Sprites Inc. was down yesterday.
MS Paint...
suxx0rz for realistic stuff, r0xx0rz t3h b0x0rz for spriting.
Again, sorry about the size, hopefully the .png format will fix that... although, I discovered something. I save files and load them to Photobucket, where they are converted to .jpg. I'll try e-mailing egon this one, maybe it'll fix the problem.
Yeah... that's prolly it. The 2nd is in .bmp too, but the 3rd and later are in .png, so that should fix the size problem.
I don't get that either. I sent it to Egon as an 800x200 pixel comic, and idk what happened after that.
It's the start of ANOTHER Megaman-based sprite comic, so I thought that maybe Megaman was tired of Bob and George fans making him look like a complete dumbass.

Eh. Whatever. It's my 1st ever sprite comic. I never said it was good.
it's because the text is so small? so it's hard to read?

They're excited about the 'Rock' and 'Blues', because if the Author is using their Japanese names, maybe he won't make them all look like idiots. And then the author pops up and is like "They're so cute when they're excited". Meh, whatever.
Pfft. Fightar noob.
The Aust way to do it

Step 1: Stand back by about 100 feet
Step 2: Fire *insert big, painful magic spell here* at the giant's head.
Step 3: Step back 30 feet
Step 4: Repeat 2+3 until the giant dies or your meatshield gets squished.

In the event of your meatshield dying, run away as fast as your magic can carry you.
Pfft. Unoriginals suck. They trap you in a certain box if the character has ANY amount of characterization whatsoever.That's why I like original characters. Yes, you eventually get into a box, but it's a box YOU made, so you're a lot more comfortable, unless you act just like Clark Kent or Peter Parker.