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internet's queen
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Thank you for sharing this story with us
Been waiting forever for his return
Someone's GOT TO have a ditto for a parent
I bet it's news about Wiley
You were looking for a squirtle, but instead you found someone trying to squirtle.
He has chris' "adventure" face
Forgive me, but I loooooooove Randy
I love him differently from the other characters
My immediate reaction was "MY BABY" and I'm not even sure what character I was worried about.
My eyes are bleeding
@Darkstarr: 3.png
Holy shit is that a fucking nipple?
I'm super excited to hear you're going to start up an original comic. With all the twists and turns you've gone through with this one, I wonder what ideas you'll come up with.
If you ever get to a point of not continuing this comic, but you want it to be finished have you considered passing the story onto someone else?
I get the feeling she's met this Fair before
But it's not the one that's been shown in the flashbacks... hmmm
No wonder the chick hates pies so goddamn much