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Been waiting forever for his return
Someone's GOT TO have a ditto for a parent
I bet it's news about Wiley
You were looking for a squirtle, but instead you found someone trying to squirtle.
He has chris' "adventure" face
Forgive me, but I loooooooove Randy
I love him differently from the other characters
My immediate reaction was "MY BABY" and I'm not even sure what character I was worried about.
My eyes are bleeding
@Darkstarr: 3.png
Holy shit is that a fucking nipple?
I'm super excited to hear you're going to start up an original comic. With all the twists and turns you've gone through with this one, I wonder what ideas you'll come up with.
If you ever get to a point of not continuing this comic, but you want it to be finished have you considered passing the story onto someone else?
I get the feeling she's met this Fair before
But it's not the one that's been shown in the flashbacks... hmmm
No wonder the chick hates pies so goddamn much
Is that Eevee guy?