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I love to read. I'm American, and I live(d) in the Boston area.
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omg, is Assock doing shadow puppets? That's perfect. But is that a friendly dog or a wolf?
When I get really sleep deprived, I just sob. Bet that would take the wind out of tall & blond's sails. There's nothing more uncomfortable than listening to someone else cry. Even worse than sex noises, because you feel like you should help them but there's generally nothing you can do.
Last year, my HA and their girlfriend were on one side, and s2g, I don't know if thy had sex or just wrestled. "No biting!" (shriek, thud, giggles). On the other side of the wall, inches away from my bed, was a girl who had her boyfriend over often, and they definitely were not celibate. I feel his awkward.
Religious studies are a great way to learn things that your parents/preachers never taught you about what's actually in the bible and shift your pov.
lol, oh no...I can only imagine the mess in that bowl.
March 25th, 2019
a bedroom door that locks from the outside? Yikes, I am instantly overly concerned
February 7th, 2019
@EmmaVieceli: s2g I've seen other people tag individual pages. I think how they did it was change the name of the page/uploaded file in order to indicate rating, like 264 *NSFW*, but that's just a guess.
oooh, either the figure skater is doing a really impressive move or someone from school has spotted them.
so cute! Glad to see you're back!
@Morgaleigh: Asoro was dead serious. He really looks up to these angels, as cool older siblings, as role-models, as heroes. They're everything he aspires to.
I'm super excited about this? Is he tired of shitty team-mates and want to go into figure skating? Does he want increased speed and agility to improve his hockey? Does he secretly want more time with his new friend? I'm sure we'll find out!
I assume this is to the tune of Bobby Darin's Splish Splash?
No Casey! omg, what a funny little shit he is.
that's an...interesting back-story
this art is stunning! I hope the meeting goes well.
Looks great so far! I'm looking forwards to seeing what happens next!
I had the chillest high school experience. I was really isolated outside of school and can count on one hand the number times I hung out with classmates outside of school, but I got along well with everyone when I was there. (shrug). So I can't relate to the bullying, close friends, or falling in love, which seem to be the staple in every story about high school ever.
I currently don't have a doorbell, so what really freaks me out is an unexpected phone call. It's either a telemarketer or a death in the family, no inbetween.
This is so cute! I just read it all the way through and I absolutely love your art and your characters. Their names are so sweet and clever and I really look forward to seeing how the relationships develop.
@reEEE: either something to do trains of thought, or he's saying that he doesn't mind, that it's no trouble. I'm sure the next page will add context and make it clear.