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I love to read. I'm American, and I live(d) in the Boston area.
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@LKWayvern: After A Dog Named Kitty, I just read all of the endings first. Drives my mom nuts, but I haven't been blindsided since.
@MorgLeFay: Just in case you haven't made the mistake of looking it up yet (sorry if you have), it's from a scene in a gay porn that went viral, where 2 men are having sex in a kitchen and a women who is eating her salad looks up and indignantly asks if they are seriously doing it "right in front of my salad". Kudos to Raven & Blue Jay; with how he's already walked in on them once, the reference is very appropriate, if very NSFW.
@MorgLeFay: know what that's a reference to, right?
November 30th, 2017
I am a cat person, but that doesn't matter! I'll just pretend they gave it away to someone because of the whole lungs issue. There! Problem solved, no hard feelings.
@portisHeart: *sings Blue Sunny Day to myself*
November 5th, 2017
@Tuxie: It was in the seventies this week! And I'm in New England! It's just not right.
the artwork is so amazing and pretty and your format is so cool! And ohmygod, the, how? I love this so much, I will wait any amount of time without complaint.
@b3nc0: He's hungry...and he's not himself when he's hungry.
Doing like Always Raining Here did, with the teaser pic and a link to the page is fine for me. The main reason I like smackjeeves is that is allows me to keep track of when the 100+ webcomics I read update. I look forward to seeing the site!
I love how you draw Howie, especially on this page. So much emotion!
June 16th, 2017
Awkward Handshake was how I started (and ended) my first relationship. Good times, fond memories.
@riverside: Eddie Izzard has a great reply. "It's not women's clothes - I bought it, it's mine."
Just a heads up; someone posted your webcomic on mangahere.
May 10th, 2017
This was amazing! I'm just sad I didn't find it sooner. The art, the story, everything.
@b3nc0: if you're referring to the white lines as signs of leaking, those represent movement, not staining.
@Quadrant: I'm pretty sure nothing ever got started with Luke, Gannet just wanted something to happen. (Hence the let-me-wrestle-him plot arc).
April 24th, 2017
@catharsis.jpg: The doctor just examined his lungs because of his asthma; that hopefully would have caught any signs of cancer. If he didn't, then the other fancy medical test he's having soon will catch signs of cancer, if he has any. But I think asthma can be severe enough to cause major health issues without throwing cancer into the mix.
April 17th, 2017
@sstogner1: 1. His picture is still up, so he probably wasn't disowned. 2. Even if he was disowned, rebel Ian would probably still consider him a brother, but he clearly states he doesn't have one anymore. 3.The picture itself, if you look closely, is draped in black ribbon, which is a symbol of mourning.
@uhheythere: If you really wanted, you could even buy your own!
I love the shading on the hands - they're very three-dimensional.