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Hmm. So we know Cynthia's in love with Julie, but it'll be interesting to find out whether that love is requited or unrequited.

If the former, then, especially given Ami's reaction to Cynthia, then it would make sense for Cynthia and Julie's relationship to be in very deep stealth, with the public animosity another act to deflect suspicion.

If she ends up having to adopt a third layer of subterfuge and deception to keep Alexis safe, she'll be in dire need of counselling before long!
Nothing like dropping a bombshell...
I imagine at some point, Cynthia and/or Allea will have to reveal the flashback story to illustrate why the events of that morning occurred.
Well, courtesy of the flashback, he's half right - the snottiness is at least partially an act, and to an extent, it's helping cover up her secret - but it's also covering for Allea - both her quirio-ness and her apparent clumsiness (which she enhances/expands upon to feed into the illusion).
So the card game equivalent of a fight between overpowered superheros (and supervillains), whereby such is the nature of the combat that if it were happening in reality, the nearest safe vantage point could be up to several miles away?
Interesting title
It pretty much implies there'll be other betrayals of one form or another in later chapters...

Still, with the situation at hand, if/when Cynthia discovers Alexis' secret, and knowing she and Allea are friends, is likely to volunteer to help protect Alexis' secret from wider dissemination. That is, following the possible initial explosive reaction and when the dust (eventually) settles.
(Doing a mammoth catch-up session)

Typical Cynthia in the second panel: bashing her fist against her palm, (at this stage in the conversation - first speech bubble), ready and raring to beat up A. N. Other who she probably thinks is hurting a friend of Allea's.
December 18th, 2016
So Annie's Proclaiming her feelings in that conversation? :)

Da d-da da, da d-da da, da d-da da, da d-da da
Da-da-da dun-diddle un-diddle un-diddle a da da!
As exaplained at the time, Allea's Quoiromantic, so can't differentiate between platonic and romantic attraction.

I'd assume she's a rather extreme case given she misinterprets all attraction as romantic and, to make matters worse, seems to have a high libido...
November 19th, 2016
Interestingly, according to Wiki there is no canonical interpretation of the song, so either (drugs or "goodbye love song") could be equally valid.

(Edit: Nothing like a creepy enough music video - complete with shout-out to Great Expectations...)
November 11th, 2016
Meanwhile, the other poster looks similar to Pink Floyd's The Dark Side of the Moon, except the beams form a \/ shape rather than a /\ shape.
November 9th, 2016
@Tayla_88: Until recently, the UK would have counted - however, the government are increasingly concerned that rhetoric alone isn't reducing immigration, so are picking easy targets such as students, while those earning under £35,000 after five years here will allegedly be told to sod off. The Brexit vote has also encouraged a lot of anti-immigrant sentiment.

One of the ironies with Trump is that he was perceived as anti-establishment, and while he's certainly not part of the political establishment, his alleged domestic policies on the campaign trail aligned fairly neatly with the standard Republican platform of reducing taxes (particularly for the wealthy), increasing military spending, decreasing social / welfare spending and allowing you to discriminate against any demographic your religion doesn't like (as long as that religion is one of the more conservative branches of Christianity).

Unless that was merely rhetorical bluster and his more coniliatory victory speech represents what he actually aims to do (but given his personality, I don't hold much hope of that scenario).
October 25th, 2016
@GreenKrog: Which indicates that despite his praise for Annie, as of now (i.e. pages to be published Sep/Oct 2017) he still hasn't been significant enough in her life to warrant you naming him.

Poor nameless character :( :D
@GreenKrog: Something common to most slice-of-life Webcomics is that for obvious reasons, character time moves much more slowly than real time.

Meanwhile, in a certain large country not too far away from you, the parties have somehow managed to select a couple of very dislikeable characters to compete against each other for the grand prize - one who knows politics too well, the other's political naivety borders on cluelessness (which, combined with the character's general obnoxiousness, has somehow managed to alienate most of their party's politicians...)
"Class of Annie 2012"

Hmm... opens #1 in a new tab and looks at the publishing date - aha! :)
October 5th, 2016
@GreenKrog: The band occupied most of the Google search results for MCR, but just in case, I perused Acronym Finder and couldn't see anything else relevant. Over to YouTube and one of the suggestions for "MCR " was "MCR I'm Not Okay" which seemed to fit...
October 5th, 2016
MCR? Um, [hits Google] My Chemical Romance? [Another Google] "I'm Not Okay"?

Although to me, the hook from Michael Jackson's "Smooth Criminal" is what immediately springs to mind...
September 14th, 2016
Jealous, much?
So Madison's transferred to Annie's school because they offer French and Japanese (presumably options not available at her nearest High School), then discovers a girl there who seems to be very popular, very sporty AND very intelligent, whose friendships cut across social groups.

I get the impression that to her, the revelation about Annie's anatomy (and the cheer team not caring) was just the icing on the cake.

She strikes me as the type who simultaneously doesn't really want to fit in and resents having to go to the school (despite it presumably being her decision to go to pursue the subjects not available at her previous school), while also hating that she's not automatically as popular there as at her previous school. Teen Logic 101...
September 11th, 2016
@GreenKrog: Given what Annie's been talking about, it wouldn't have been unexpected for her to actually acidentally say "anyone feel a class"...
September 11th, 2016
@GreenKrog: I'm sure we've seen these cheer outfits on several previous occasions. IIRC, the cheerleaders Annie hung out with before the start of the year at a few social events were from a different school (hence different outfits).