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I love Skyangel's slice-of-life comic Simply Sarah!
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October 4th, 2014
Maggie & Annie
Good movie! No spoilers, but it's a classic "straight girl who didn't know she was gay until she met a lesbian who knocked her socks off with a glance" romance.
Rayleigh scattering. It's when light gets slightly fragmented by quantum elasticity within the gases in the air. Mie scattering (elastic fragmentation due to the spherical properties of our atmosphere) works in tandem with Rayleigh scattering to make all the other colors the sky can be (electromagnetic light shows near the poles, notwithstanding).
Kissing is magical, takes no alcohol, takes only a little skill, and is the best foreplay ever. Then again, I'm a sexual live wire, so almost everything turns me on. A girlfriend of mine in high school was in your shoes and didn't want to kiss because she hadn't before and also wore braces. I had had two girlfriends before her, so I still kinda knew nothing at all, but I was happy to pull down those barriers and simply get the initial awkwardness over with for her so that we could start having fun kissing without hangups! She was a good kisser after only a couple of weeks! I never did like the braces + Ritz crackers mix, though. However, I still think of her when eating Ritz crackers...
A long time ago, I was wondering to myself - why in the hell haven't the authorities gotten involved?! Assault seems to be almost as common an occurrence as talking in Annie's life and the doctors, security, and school staff just turn a blind eye? I suppose Annie will eventually tumble to the fact that seeking legal recourse against those who hurt her and her friends and compensation from those authority figures who didn't protect her is in order.

Maybe living in litigious California has opened my eyes to other avenues for seeking justice, whereas Annie can't see past her own self-loathing to understand that she has basic human rights that are rather frighteningly and regularly violated. That still doesn't excuse everyone else.
Bigotry, Run Amok
How can someone be so bigoted? How can someone be so cruel - especially to their own sibling? I guess I should be happy that I can't wrap my mind around their twisted justifications. I do hope Bill gets counseling. That or an epiphany of some sort.

My step-dad was like this. He is the reason I had to grow up and wait for him to die before I could surmount the fear of being myself. I wish I knew another way so very much earlier. People will sacrifice so very much for the love of a parent. It's a bitch when it's not returned in kind.
God, I wish I had the courage to do this when I get "sir" from idiots. I haven't had that in quite a while, but I still remember every misgendering I've ever gotten. They hurt and that guy called Annie a liar, to boot! I'm glad she used decisive and incisive words instead of hitting him, like she did when Vic pulled that crap before.
Go Annie!

- Lia

P.S. Hey there, Ponytails. I'm glad to see another member of TGB around. :D
Learning to Read
I read your description, GreenKrog after I hastily clicked "POST A COMMENT" at the top.
This is autobiographical... Mind blown!

Please excuse my insensitivity. As a trans*woman myself, I should know better than to ever question just how much of a story reflects real life in an LGBT comic. Please accept my apologies and hasty judgement. I've only had a few attackers and they rarely drew blood. My own lack of understanding colored my response and I will endeavor to hold my tongue until I know more from now on.

My knee-jerk reactions just end up kicking others and putting me off-balance. The gravity of what I've read thus far is starting to dawn.

God, I can only imagine what you must have been through and how strong you are, in character, mind and body. I am humbled by your bravery in sharing your story. I truly hope that someone who needs to hear your story in order to not feel alone, to understand, to learn tolerance, and/or to come to grips with who they are and see hope at work finds their way here to Wildflowers. Today, that person was I.

- Lia
What, a DRAG?
Drag describes a man who identifies as a man and who dresses as a woman for fun and/or profit. Drag is not what Annie is doing, nor did she ever. Dressing in the proper clothes was an expression of the true inner self and anyone stating that she is merely in drag is insulting her very being - - which is par for the course, thus far, but nonetheless unexpected from Sophie.

By the way, I love the comic and storyline, GreenKrog. I have never heard of or seen someone get beat up so many times by so many different people in real life, but I live on the West Coast in a major city, so my perspective is likely skewed. If this was anyone's real life experience, I am truly saddened to know that there are places in the western world where so many people have their heads up their asses. Much comforting hugs, tears of sympathy, and solemn assurances that there are better places to be.

- ShivKitty
My new wallpaper.
This page describes being trans at nearly every stage. Some of us have it worse than others, too. Try needing a shave every three hours. 8( Fair skin + dark hairs = Trans*mitting! Also, kissing and hugging with any facial contact means a guaranteed Trans*mission.

BTW - love your comic! Being able to relate makes it sweeter, but the art and writing are better than I ever expected and, to me, on par with EGS without the magic business (which is kinda corny). Here's to your continued success!
Catching up with Sarah
I'd been away from Simply Sarah for some time, as I thought it had ended and am elated that it has started up again. You are a gifted artist and storyteller.

<snipped effusive babbling praise and personal testifying>

I am anxiously awaiting the next installment. Honestly, I don't know how you do it, but please know that I am grateful that you do!