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Call me Mel!~ =3 xD I Love anime and manga. My favorite ones are Chrono Crusade, kodocha (Child's Toy) and Gakuen Alice!

Also, I love drawing! <33

The manga i'm currently working on is Magical Secret! ^____^ Hope you read it!

P.s. If you are looking for Magical Secret, I took it off because I want to post it up only when i'm happy with it and I don't like making people wait. Sorry :) It'll be back up soon, so I hope you read it if you see it again.
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    Melani M.
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If after editing with open canvas you take it to photoshop then re-save it as a .PSD then you'll be able to reuse it even after you crack SAI because photoshop rewrites something in the code that SAI doesn't recognize but it will look the same to you! :) Hope that helps! xD

Now off to school and cute page bytw~ :)
Happy New Year to you! xD
Lol xD Yay for procrastination. (Although that's not very good for you lol ^^;)
O_O Oh right I already knew what coma and normal meant it's just... ;___; I never knew coma had a full name! Nor did I know that Norm can be used for normal!

;__; My brain lacks intelligence. Thanks for the info!
Ooo It's getting intersting! :D

BTW What does Comatose mean? O_o

And what does Norm mean? xD Sorry for being an idiot!
xP Ignore comments like that! People who compare anything are mean! I know what it's like to be compared. xP

But anyway your comic is awesome! :D And cute and I don't think it's called 'ripped' if a character has cat ears because lots of comics now have characters with cat ears but it doesn't mean that it's ripped. Just inspired. :]
TT___TT Sorry I didn't make it! I have the lineart done and everything but the midnight that the deadline was set, I slept through since school because I wasn't feeling well and only realised I missed it the next day! ;______;

Sorry ;__;
Lol xD Very funny page <3
Lol xD Love the evil expression! And i'm lazy too unfortunately! ;__;
Whens the end date for the competition again? :>
Yay! Finally xD been such a long time >D
Cool but I think the 3+4+5 panels are kinda confusing ^^;
I'm loving this one lots! =D
Lol I get it! I'll start right away =D
I wanna join, it seems like fun. So can I draw Zoe in any clothing, pose etc? ^^
XD Both! Give him extra pain lol ^^ Coolness!
Oh wow, she's totally got my name! That's rare cause people ussually write Melani with an 'e' making it Melanie :O
Lol That means she's got one hell of a dirty mind lmao xD =3
Wow O_O
Wow! She stole my name! O__O Melani <3