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I like to draw and write... not much to really say ^^;;
Epic fro is epic.

LEFT TO RIGHT (Kayla, Drew, Mahogany, Moi.)

Mahogany still calls him boyfriend and is determined to force him to accept it now that She and Kayla are roomies.
Our Walmart has two stories. We were ecstatic.
I cheered where I sat when I saw it updated. I freaked out my roommate. XD
We do.
They'd start construction at 6am right outside our window. We were not amused.

What became of the construction? A parking lot attached to a road opposite our unloading one-way road. It's not even open to the public yet.
Mahogany had kidney stones. :(
wait, if there are only 4 original members, then how did there end up being 5 Club members today? Does that mean that 2 are possibly related? o_O
Curses! She used the anti-nip! D8
Welcome back! We missed you!! :D *adores page*
Hm... A slight combination of the first two would be interesting, but if I had to pick just one, then Haru thinking he's seme just.. it makes me laugh when I think about it.

I adored your comic so much though, so take your time! Earning the accomplishment of finally finishing a comic gives you the right to take a super-long break. We'll all be waiting when you return! :D
Shiratori sparkle power =
very effective on everyone <3
I cannot describe how cute this is.


....I'll get excited to read it... but I have a feeling that a certain someone will pop in and interrupt it, crushing all of my hopes of learning the secret until later.
KATSU! I CHOOSE YOU!! *throws pokeball*


All happened when I started talking about lemons in fanfiction with my friend Jacob. Lol.

@SomiJuli: THANKS! :D I'm thinking of doing the rest of it this way. It looks less scribbled than the rest of it.
@KyledKat: I KNOW. It killed it for me. Especially since I was the president of the Spanish Club in my High School. D:
sketchy comic is sketchy
....Mr. Stubborn Pants. >w>
-falls victim to the sparkles-
...hehehe... -faint-
Disney <3

On my way to College Orientation with my 2 friends who are attending the same college, it was an hour and a half drive on the thru-way. ALL DISNEY MUSIC.

So this isn't exactly a strip or comic or anything... but I did get a haircut so I figured I'd let you know my appearance is changing in the next comics.

BUT ANYWAY the real purpose

How do you feel about me changing this into an actual daily diary? Not now, of course, but I'll be starting college in August, so I can make the transition. Then you can see how boring some of my day to day life is.

It might be delayed and stuff because it'll be a scanned one if I get off my butt and buy a blank notebook.

Just searching for something. Lemme know what you think cause it could mean more frequent updates ;)
Yeah, my dad fainted.

Or as he likes to put it, "Came down with a case of extreme vertigo,"

I don't blame him though, since I was a C-Section, so it probably looked like an alien clawing its way out of my mom's stomach.