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Way better than Roger Dan's mask
how about he's a thief coming to steal that fuzzy robe
Her cubby little cheeks!!! *dies*
*singsong voice* STORY TIME
that woman's shirt is pretty inventive
April 6th, 2015
ooooooooooh 0 o 0
proud mama
Does he make all types of scrapbooks or just murder scrapbooks? (cause that's a lot of books)
awwwwww yisssssss. update.
i love her hair so much
it's beautiful *weeps tears of joy*
April 5th, 2015
yay for protective big sis
that is a sad little plant
oh my god i want the baby!
not gonna lie, sort of upset the wardrobe didn't lead to narnia
Now is she going to notice the broken mirror right behind her?
I think he's in shock
His hair is hideous