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Author of Red Hood Rider.
I like dancing, writing, gaming, and art.
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Top of the line villain, top of the line villain banter.

We'll soon see if Amazingman has finally managed to reciprocate with actual hero banter back, or if he's still not up to the task.

Noteworthy: Amazingman, if he actually intended to do what he was ordered to do (kill Dr. Kinesis) could have thrown that pillar DIRECTLY at him. Kinny wouldn't be able to counter the telekinesis on an object that big and because it's being telekinetically guided, it's effectively like a guided missile; it CAN'T miss; he CAN'T dodge in time.

That it didn't just hit Kinny (which would, presumably, kill him) shows that Amazingman has no intention of killing Dr. Kinesis here.

Which was already implied in the last page, but we can pretty much confirm it at this point.

I do wonder what his plan is to stop Dr. Kinesis without killing him, though.
Theory Time:
Well, since I've caught up, guess it's time for my first theory for the series.

Amazingman's not affected, but by all rights, should be; it's implied that instead of drinking things like sodas, he's been drinking water--meaning that he SHOULD be affected...


...His telekinetic implant prevents the personality override.

It also doesn't quite make sense that if the personality override were the full extent of Dr. Kinesis's Evil Plan, that he'd want the telekinetic implant back.

So my theory is that Dr. Kinesis's Evil Plan is actually a Xanatos Gambit: a win-win scenario where his end goal is achieved either way.

Where the only way to undo the personality override is for each and every single person affected by it to be given the telekinetic implant.

So if they are given the telekinetic implant to undo the override, everyone has access to the same basic superpower; if nobody is given the telekinetic implant to undo the override, then everyone remains as Will, who he sees as being trustworthy.

Basically, I felt like there was more to the Evil Plan than we've been shown and Amazingman's immunity and Dr. Kinesis's focus on having the implant feel like they're related to that "more".
I caught up D:
January 4th, 2019
An enjoyable little read. Sad I caught up!
September 15th, 2018
Thank you!
@Loose Squid: I really want to! I'm just really, really busy with real life right now. :/
Maria always looked good, but DANG does her new look absolutely suit her; it looks AMAZING.
June 15th, 2018
RE: Maria
Sadly, removing the current principal is not an action likely to result in them reinstating Maria.

Past wrongs under the previous administration aren't something which new administration necessarily would want to reverse--and even if they wanted to, it may be the case that they [i]can't[/i].
June 12th, 2018
While I would love for Todd to get proper comeuppance, it's still possible he gets off with a warning.

Right now he's got a slap of the wrist, and evidence is being presented which says, "that wasn't good enough", but that doesn't mean they're going to instantly elevate it to giving him the boot.

What I mean by that is, it's possible that instead of getting expelled, he is simply given a stern warning. Actionable evidence doesn't mean the action taken is as strict as we'd want it to be.

So, from this, we can safely say SOMETHING will be done (trying to ignore it is something which even Father Quentin could tell would cause trouble), but what will be done won't necessarily be as harsh as it should be. (Sadly.)

Would be nice if it was, though!
@Bandana_girl: Maria's known for as long as Rain and Emily have been dating; she knew Emily well enough to tell, asked, and she confirmed.

It was in fact fairly observant of Gavin to pick up on this, which is quite impressive.
My approach:
Be subtle, ask if Colette would be interested in an idea--wearing a tux to prom. Gauge off of that reaction if the idea has merit.

Granted, yes, there are transmen who wouldn't want one, and there are girls who would want one without being trans, so it's not a 100% accurate approach...but it might help get a dialog going in the right direction if nothing else.
Personal Theory:
It might simply be that Drew doesn't know that he could get away with Ky showing up in the tux.

The main characters only know a stunt like that would be possible because Emily explicitly told them how the prom would work--and prior to that point they had expressed similar concerns/frustrations to Drew.

But unless Drew had heard of this, he'd have no way of knowing how lax they would be.
Maybe her school records still have her legal birth sex listed, and thus, for the purposes of signing up for prom she's counted as being a boy?
Oh my god
Maria's face in panel six.
Maria's face in panel six.
@TranshumanAr: It's pretty much definitely Todd. The tone of voice would tell that alone. Throw in he's featured prominently in the chapter and it only makes sense.
In Rain's place, the only thing I'd probably do differently is instead of using past tense, use present tense: "If you are really her friends, you should make some effort to show support", and "You're abandoning her"--it'd be slightly less accusatory in my opinion.

Now granted! Rain's not going to be in the most of ideal mindsets right now--it's a miracle she's able to muster a speech of this magnitude as it is! And people are human, not perfect. And maybe being slightly-more-diplomatic isn't as effective; it's possible Debbie NEEDS the harsher version.

So overall I think she did remarkably here. I hope her wording doesn't cause harm, and that she did get through.
January 19th, 2017
@Guest: Would what you think happen to involve Kellen potentially not being cisgendered and/or heterosexual? (Or as I like to say, !cishet.)

Because that's the first thing this page made me think about.
My thoughts exactly.
@TranshumanAr: I mean, the rule of plot importance pretty much demands that the senior he wants to ask must be an established character, and there are only so many people he would be asking.

We know it's not Chanel. So that pretty much leaves Maria, Emily, and Rain. Maria is unlikely, and then you get a choice between Emily and Rain, either of which would, as you so aptly put it, be..."the plot thickening".
December 5th, 2016
(I'm late. I know.)
When I said it was that kind of world, I wasn’t kidding, y’know.
November 16th, 2016
On names:
For me, my first name is not in question. Bree is It's what felt right. The longer version, Brianna, also felt right, as a longer version. But no other names and no other spellings ever occurred to me, and probably won't. I like those names.

But my middle name IS something I'm not sure about. As far as I know, there's no female equivalent, no feminine version, of my birth middle name. It is unambiguously male.

I didn't want to choose a different letter. But there's only one female name I know starting with D, and that's Danielle, which would the the feminine version of a family name. (Daniel has appeared as a name in almost every generation of my family: my grandfather and my brother both bear it.)
November 5th, 2016
So this was because the week of the 9th was incredibly stressful on me and I was in a bad mental spot where I just wasn't able to produce anything for the comic. I do have a minor buffer, but not enough where I could afford to make the page for the next week fit in today rather than next week.

So, apologies. Life comes first.