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Hey, whatever floats your boat. :P
Also, I should probably draw another page.
I'm still dead, it's kinda hard to actually work on anything in my life.
One day I'll finish this chapter xD
I mean it's pretty apparent that I don't take this comic super-seriously and you shouldn't too.
I assumed that since he's in a bath, his hair would be more or less just a curly mess.
She was from since the start?
And I'm gonna try and update this once a week, push the story forward.

I tried a few different techniques here, does this page look better?

Also look, an honest attempt at a funny page, hooray!
Yeah, until may, you're not gonna get any new comics, but when I finish my exams, I promise I will finish this!
@Master_72: And worst of all, once I actually work on the comic instead of keeping it constantly on a indefinitive hiatus, that is going to make perfect sense :3
Yo, that wil be the last update of 2016 probably. Sorry for copy and paste based page, wanted to start updating on fridays, so had to finish that one early :p
Happy new year in advance! Here's to a better future of this... monstrosity.
Also: hooray for convenient portals that shoot you straight into strangers' bathtubs!
Thanks for giving it a try. I might actually work on it for real this time.
Rushed last panels, sorry.
Not sure about the decision...
But I don't like drawing them ponies, so I made slight change to my initial plan, changing the pony world to an anthro one.
Also it will be less weird in the romantic department imho.
If anybody is bothered by this, I might actually revert to my initial plan, altough it will take me a little more time as I find ponies harder to draw.
I wasn't even sure if I want to actually finish that comic, but it seems at least one person is interested in it, so I might give it a go.
Fuck off I do what I want.
I simply wouldn't have thought of a masterpiece liek this without your addition to the comment section. It was truly inspiring.

10/10 it gave me feels
First page accualy comein' tummorow.
I guess that's good?
What do you mean?
I could ask you the same.
hi nyan!
Hentai? I didn't say a word about hentai. Thank you for an idea for my #2 teaser though.
Meh. I might make it.
>Implying I took that serious.

Where the fuck do you people come from?!
First page will come tomorrow!
And don't worry it won't look as shitty as this!