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We're alive and back!
Awkward questions are awkward. Do you think teachers make you go up to embarrass you or help you grow as a person? Or both? Comment below.
There is a snowstorm today so yesterday I spent more time than expected with preparations. (Perhaps I should just switch to updating on Tuesdays instead? Give me your thoughts on that below in the comments.)
Anyway here is this week's new page! It was fun because the classmates in the first panel are mostly people I know reimagined as middle schoolers. :3
(Sorry it's late!) Next time I'll be trying to update again on a Monday schedule! :)

Ronald is facing some difficulty with his past...
Annnnd.... we're back!
I've decided to go digital because Dream Masters will be collected into a self-published full length manga and it's easier for me to keep track of the pages and cropping when it's digital. I hope I don't regret it and I hope the quality is better now that I'm working bigger so the screentones look better. ^_^
This concludes Chapter 2 of Love Amongst the Flowers. I plan to take a long break to reboot the series but I didn't want to leave the chapter open. I will be uploading an end note with my plan and I hope you will stick around for that. Thank you for all your support!
Ronald has to deal with a possible fight with Jake after school and Gwen wasn't just a dream? Subscribe to keep up with new pages of Dream Masters!
You can catch some of the behind the scenes by following us on Instagram: @dream_masters
We'll be back on Feb 20th!
Your style is so cool! I love how simple and dynamic your flat coloring is. <3
Welcome back readers! One more page until the end of Chapter 2.
I've been able to keep this schedule. Yay! ^_^ What time do you think is best to upload the page/ when do you feel like reading webcomics on a Friday? (Include your time zone please.)
Oooh~ What has Yuriko found? Find out next Friday! :)
Uh oh....
What would Ayumu do now?
Love the mixed media choice! :D
Happy Lunar New Year!
I've been a bit busier than expected so this page is one day late. Still, I made the deadline of uploading within the week. :D
Enjoy~ It's my first attempt at drawing romantic tension. ;)
And this is a small clue about Yuriko's... past.
Hey~ Another update. I hope to keep this up every Friday until the end. :) (5 pages left!)
New update ^_^
After how looong? Do I have any readers left lol....?
Well, the good news is I have all the pages sketched up and in various finishes in ink.
And... this can be taken as good, bad, or interesting but after Chapter 2 I plan on taking a really, really long break to work on rebooting "Love Amongst the Flowers". One of the major changes is that it will not be in a manga style. I will add more info at the end of Chapter 2.
Hey everyone!
Long time no update. School has been busy busy for me! orz
Rest assured Dream Masters! is still ongoing. I'm currently sketching the comic compositions for Chapter 2 and I hope we will have a new update by next year! See you in 2017!
Happy holidays! :D
@xXJESSEXMUFFINSXx: It's actually the same screentones but I scanned the page at a higher resolution so the dots look denser, especially when scaled down. I thought it would help give a dimmer lighting feel (afterschool).
And I do see what you mean about the splotchiness. I was going for a softer edges look but something went wrong with the scaling down or I'm just not skilled enough. ,,^_^,,b
You can see a part of the original image on my website:
Hi. I know it's been a really long time... again. I was on vacation and working on other comics, one I plan to be self publishing for a convention and the other was Dream Masters! (Check it out if you haven't already. ) They all have differences in style so it took a bit of time getting back into this L.A.T.F.'s.
I digitally drew the word bubbles again. What do you guys think of the change?
And that concludes Dream Masters Chapter 1!
Despite how simple the composition is, it actually took me quite a while to decide the exact composition and toning in the panels.
I think it worked out in the end.

The screentone for the background was from Psychobob(?) I just looked up screentones on Deviant Art.

We are going to take a break to plan out Chapter 2 so please subscribe and stay tuned!
You can also follow us on instagram for sneak peeks and other fun stuff: @dream_masters
Lovely coloring and I like your choice to add graphic shapes! :)