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Hi, I'm Raiettei. I came to this little bitty site in 2007 when I had hopes and dreams. I since took them all out to be shot. But luckily they're not easy to kill. >.>

So I come back today hoping to reboot my dreamcomic, Got the Point?, that I've been working on since 2004... holy crap, that's a quarter of my tiny little life! o.o;;;
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New Chapter
And then it was a day later than normal. Sorry guys, I just forgot to update. ^.^;;;

I promise not to make it a regular thing
Hey look, it's changing again
The pieces fall together...
I hope it sounds familiar...
Is it becoming clear yet?
How can I help?
I tried to tell him. Oh well.
Annnnd... the comic is launched.

Hello, I am Raiettei, and I'm your guide to the world of facts. :3

Fact: If you're looking for the OTHER GTP? made in 2007, look no further! I have merely relocated it at ...Don't read it if you don't want to be spoiled for THIS version! While I'm not following the same exact path of the last comic, I'll be borrowing old jokes from myself, and a basic plotline going along.

I hope you enjoy the new and improved... Got the Point?!
Just finished reading through, and I've gotta say. Fantastic job there!

On the topic at hand:

But he really hasn't thought to leave her side for a while there. And when he did, he often regretted it. So...?

--Got the Point?
I freaking WISH I was in "vacation land"... *sigh* The truth is depressing, SO BAD.

And painful. But nonetheless, the comic is DEFINATELY 'up dating' next week. I've autoupdated. This is guaranteed.

Maddi and I have had a stressful couple of weeks.

Nothing went right.

Now that Maddi's out of the hospital, we're hoping that we'll be able to get a few strips out before we die. Again.

Man, I hope we find my cousin. Alive.

Man, I hope I get my hearing back.

Man, I hope my wrist stops hurting.

Man, I hope I get my comic back together. This is my one break I have, now. I desperately WANT to cartoon again. I really do.

It's just...



Oh well. The point is, Monday is a definate. Ironic. The first week of the comics return, I take my leave to S. Dakota and Montana.

--Joshua C. L.
As a reminder, Got the Point? returns tomorrow!

This is a new thing I've been tossing around for a while... basically, Got the Point? was once a VERY different strip.

With a VERY different art style...

The characters too were VERY different...

I believe you get the idea.

This is What Could Have Been?, a look into what Got the Point? would have been like had I gone with my 2006-07 ideas.

Not to mention model sheets.

Yes. Back when I had over 50+ main characters.

This may be painful for me.

So... yeah.

See you around?

--Got the Point? (You probably do.)
Got the Point? returns again on Monday!

As always, my shortcomings should not be this horrible. I can't believe how patient most of you have been. (The one most obvious exception know who they are, as they have emailed me multiple times on this subject...)

Anyway... This is just an announcement, so... yeah.

I'll be reposting the past couple strips due to lack of info.

No longer shall I rely on SuperLame for their speech bubbles. I simply can't fit that much into their balloons. (And besides, I miss using my usual font; Sans)

And who wants that kind of watermark on there, so... yeah.


This picture was my first commission. I got paid for drawing it. (Though not by the person that asked for it, curiously enough.)

Seven characters...

Not knowing what roads lay before them.

Not knowing just how important they are.

Not knowing why I'm saying this.

It's all one big picture...

It all makes sense once you've...

Got the Point?


--AJ Raiettei
Me Grimlock need new strategy...
After reviewing the past two comments, (And certain emails I've recieved,) I have decided to take a little time out to review my script. The new speech bubble system is just one of my newfound problems... Mmm. I might just redo the past few strips to force it to make more sense.

I'm VERY sorry about all of this. That horrible behavior shouldn't be expected of me.


Or at least it'd be nice to think so. Sadly, it's not the case, is it?


You've all heard it before.

Joshua Sucks!

--Got the Point?
I'm sorry I'm late.
Some technical problems stopped me from updating last night up until now.

Obviously, they're good now.

So... yay!
Um.... yeah! When have I been known to kame mistakes?

EDIT: Look! Mynk is speaking to us through the trans-dimentional Twitter!

(EDIT again: Ooops sorry. She's speaking to us through the trans-dimentional YATTER. I forget about the "name changing" stuff in the other universe...)

Speech bubbles courtesy of SUPERLAME.COM
...I'm back!

I'm fully back! I couldn't BE more back if I were a front!

That made no sense! That's how back I am!

Dont' kill me in rage... do it in happiness.

You can watch me shade this strip over on at

Yeah. I'm that good.

See yas.

--Got the Pint?
Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes... Yes.

You'd better believe it. I'm just working out the kinks.