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Hey there!
Fancypace - Canadian - Illustrtion's of "The CRUMBS of your Love" are mines - I love BL web comics<3 - Studying in Visual Art-

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I'm finally done with school. 'Til September of course ^^

Thank you all for your patience xxx

AND OMG THANK YOU FOR 500 favs :O <3
Makes my day
Get a hold of yourself Nathe!
Sorry for the wait ! Here is page 50!
So glad to be back <3
two pages update

See you next week! :P

@Flops: Thank you I missed you guys

@justw894: It's only the begining 3:)
we're back!
Thank you all for your patience! The book is done so I can go back to drawing the webcomic!

Here is the second half of page 48!

Next page will be up in a couple of days!

Love, Fancypace and Sassycriss
@SFMBE: Hey there! We're currently on hiatus because I have a contract, I'm drawing illustrations for a kid book! Since it's my last college semester and I have an other job (cashier) I don't have enough time to draw the webcomic for now. The contract should be done this april, we will continue to update then.
Thank you for your support xxxx
Sorry for this little page. I won't be able to draw a lot in the next few weeks so instead of not updating at all, I decided to draw smaller pages.
Hope that you don't mind!
@Guest: Thank you dear I'm so glad that you like our work ! xxx
@ValEspejo: Thank you you're so sweet xxx :)
Thank you all for your amazing support, it means the world to us!

Also, I can't update until next week because I have been requested to draw illustration for a children book ( super happy about that oportunity )and it has taken all of my time. Please bare with me until next week!
Self toughts
toughen up nathe!
I love that au idea :P
Emil can be a total airhead
He tends to forget things easily ^o^ But that's just adds to his charm
I've been sick this week so I wasn't able to draw a second page for the update. Please bare with me until next week!


@ValEspejo: Thank you sweetie xxx I'm already feeling better :D
Soo good!
@msbl79: thank you for telling me , I fixed it :)
December 28th, 2015
They look so cool *o*
December 28th, 2015
omg that guy really looks like a total douch! I hope he won't hurt Siren !
Takashi is being possessive *w*