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OH HELL! YOU GUYS ARE BACK! YAY! Damn, it seems like forever since I've read this comic. I was just thinking how I kinda miss it so I went to check and BAM! Update! AWESOMENESS! Every time I see Jet'a concern and affection for Quiton makes me more and more curious for what you guys have in stored for them~
I knew their power was going to be that but it's still super cool to see. Am looking forward to how they fight in the next chapter. But damn it all! You guys have the BEST sense when it comes to cliffhanger moments! They're always placed at just those moments that invigorate me and make me scream, "No! DON'T YOU FUCKING END THERE!!" Love it~
Quinton laying on everybody? Too adorable for words. He's seriously singing that song though? Oh... my god... *facepalm*
Oh hot damn~ Simon lookin' good! Headcanon he's gone to visit Sergio~ bahahaha! SERGE WILL DIE FROM ALL THE BLOOD RUSHING TO HIS BLUSHING FACE AFTER SEEING SIMON LOOKING SO DASHING! <3
Awww! JET WHY ARE YOU SO ADORABLE WITH HIM?! 10000% LOVE~ <3 The twins will bring the house down! Literarily... xp
Ooooh~ Snuggling up to his master already?! hehehehehe
GYAH! You redid the entire comic! It's been ages since I've been here. What a great surprise, yay! I have to admit it's gonna take me awhile to get used to the much older looking Sifris.
Oooh damn~ Quin and Jet snuggling? Hell yea~
Wait, SHE'S Doc Voltage?! How? Okay. One thing I love about your heroes is that no one can really tell their secret identities without being both like Doc Voltage. They're costumes are SUPER different from how they normally look. I like that.
Man. I used to think I went to far with cereal. Nothing compared to these two!
Awww. Sam's cute too. It's nice to finally understand what he's saying. I suppose I should learn how to read Atlantean since you did release the alphabet...
Wow... I knew about Nilus losing her family (kind of hard to miss after what the vampire lord said) but damn. I respect her so much now. Shows I still have to learn not to judge by appearances.
Shit. How did I not think that of course Nilus is still young and thus her powers aren't so easy to use.
Aw, man. This really reminds me of the weird ass games I used to make up when I was young to tear away the boredom.
Hahahaha! Julius's expressions towards the end are amazing! Gave me a right laugh, it did! Sergio, beautiful, the fact that you told all that so calmly just made you even more endearing to me. Child, at this point you might become my most favourite child character ever! And that's hard because you're competing with Hunter x Hunter's Killua.
Why would he want a baby? Why is Sergio the perfect blend? Did the demon know in the future he would fall in love with Sergio's grandma? Did she know he was a demon? This comic just gets more and more interesting with every page!
Weirdo he may be but he fascinates me so much! He's so calm after seeing the demon and analytical, he reminds me so much of my best friend who's just the same. Julius's expression is priceless!
By this point of reading this comic I KNEW there was going to be a cliffhanger. To be truthful that IS one of the reasons I love this comic so much. And it's never unnecessary cliffhangers. They're all timed perfect to incite the NEED in me to find out more and that, to me, makes an amazing comic pace. But damn, that last panel is gorgeous! The shot is amazing!
Oh thank you. My vampire curiousity of this universe are sated. ^^ But damn, Sergio. Why am I always attracted to the angstiest characters?! hehe
Wait! Does that mean only Julius is a vampire and he was with a human and thus his son was a half? Or did he get turned after his son was born? Or are vampires able to mate in this universe? Is Sergio a vamp or not? THE QUESTIONS FILL ME!