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It's been 2 years
Wow was I optimistic. Not to say I'm not optimistic now. I'm more of a optimistic pessimist now.
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Goodbye sweater
Poor Timothy! xD
I keep reading his name as Juan since the x makes an h sound in spanish xD
Ah yes Oyasumi Pun Pun, I was so upset at the end! XD
Leaving Gramps like that xD wth Daniel?
I currently a in a state where I can look at people and think "They look attractive," due to certain features that I like, (e.x. long hair on men done right) but I wont actually feel anything? Like I don't think "Wow he's so hot, I'd tap that." Just simply what I had mentioned earlier and continue with life. What even is that? What the heck am I? xD
it kind of dawned on me right now that Daniel is kind of like Kamina from Gurren Lagann xD
Finally reading again
I remember I had found this comic two years back and it was so interesting! and I just stopped reading at some point for some reason T: But, now that I actually have an account on smack jeeves and making my own webcomic, I refound Led by a Mad Man and began reading it once again! Cant wait to be up to date.
Leon what
U can't even xD
That dad joke
ay mi corazon
UWAAHAHAHAHA oh my god poor teach xD