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Giving this a shot because my friend and I have a great idea for a story, and I figured I'd turn it into a comic. I'm a huge fan of Manga and I thought it would be a fun experience. I started doing it all by hand, but now (due to scanning issues) I'm probably going to have to change with the times and do it all on the computer. If you check out my series, I really hope you can look past the poor quality. I assure you it's just the first couple acts. After all, it's the quality of the story that counts, right? :)
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    Trevor Hendrickson
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Great work!
Great job. I love the artwork. The house here and Malcom's truck in particular really stood out to me!
Awesome artwork! I'm definitely looking forward to more!
Looks great so far, and excited for more, but why did it repeat? Sorry if I'm missing something.
Thank You
@Comicnori: Thanks a lot! :) Yeah. There's plenty more, I just wanted the beginning to be gripping :)