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Sorry I was gone for so long, college took some time and I had to take an extra summer class, and now I've started working. However, I've finally gotten my motivation back for creating web comics. So now I'm going to continue updating however this comic won't have and over arching story like I planned. Now it's just going to be random Poke humor in maple story form. Thank you for reading
ah, the classic "we made eye contact so now we must battle routine"
You've heard of don't fuckle with shuckle
Well now make sure you don't piss of Crys
When the pokemon faint, the trainers battle
How did this man get employed?
Get ready for some gold shenanigans
Norman just got golded. Is that a word? I'm making it a word.
A friendship is born
For the lolz
@Poké fan 1: Well for the sake of this comic, and mostly because I don't want to remake this page. Totodile's can learn bubble beam
Sorry about not updating for a while. Finals are coming up and time is getting scarce
For the record, I like to say Sugar Honey Iced Tea
Well, I learned something today. Never stand in the way of research.
November 23rd, 2014
irony is just as sweet as revenge
After who knows how long i finally remember to make a new page