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I'm not good at drawing or keeping consistent character personalities, so i only read comics, not make them
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    classified information untill the ministry decides to release it
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Me, looking at the cover: "Isn't 'Theo' a Boy's name?

First page: I may not look like it, but I am a young boy!"

Me: This shall be the best comic.
The original brain had an intelligence rank of SS.
Six years ago you were stuck folding clothes in a department store that wouldn't give you proper time off.

Today you stood at the podium as a professional and spoke to an audience who came to you to learn from your knowledge and experience.

I'd give that a 10/10 Perfect score :)
Secretly we are all fictional, and comics are a window into the true reality.
At least its all one week and not busy all month!
September 6th, 2019
"Don't make me put my foot up!"

"Isn't it supposed to be 'put your foot down'?"

Man, you know something is wrong with RGB when he starts explaining everything directly. No guesses? The guy really needs some help.

I wasn't expecting that.
August 23rd, 2019
Ah yes, the power of the great button A. It has brought together yet two more lives into harmony.
Oh shoot he's got colorful swirly hands. Things 'bout to get real.
You know, I was never really into biology or anatomy, and now I'm learning about cells again.

I guess it was all in my head ;)
Was that a Dimensional Scream Speedy just had?
What happened to the wooden bat/paddle? It would have been perfect!
Da Dum Tchh!
Gonna watch the shitty movie called life. It's a slow moving thing and he's seen it before, it's got its good parts and its bad bits. In the end its worth looking back at it again and remembering it all.
Dun Dun Dunnnn
The plot thickens!
If I got fancy cheesecake and decided on my first baby's name at the same time, That would be one awesome birthday.
That feeling when you're so good at Tug-of-War that you just steal the whole rope from the other team.
XD now that would be a painting and a half. "Cloudy with a chance of Pig droppings"
Now that's a double date. Go Willa! Show 'Em Who's boss!