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I'm not good at drawing or keeping consistent character personalities, so i only read comics, not make them
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That sounds like me trying to beat inner agent 3. The louder you shout the easier it is right?
My point is that I expected something something entirely different when I saw the page title and now I'm just wondering which half of my brain is responsible for thinking of it that way.
Hooray it's back! Fairly worried about what happens next, especially as her words are being cut off there, but I'm mainly just happy the comic is back :)
Just noticed the new avatar! Very nice and cute as always :)
Oh my god I love peter's expressions, they're the best.

Also, I find the One Inch Punch shirt highly ironic.
@owenwolf: it was a few pages ago when Rose was fighting the beetle. Her species was developed that way to avoid uprisings, not that it did much good in the end.
Aw no now I'm going to get the cell block tango stuck in my head.
100% artistic awesomeness.

I really don't know how I can keep being optimistic when I come back to read the new pages. I mean, I know this is the part where everything officially goes to hell, but I'm always like, "Maybe it'll go to hell minus one this time," and I really don't know why.
Look how graceful she is when she's walking toward the fight. Beautiful.
With Peter's current hair and full beard look, his neutral look always seems either sad or angry to me, and I'm never quite sure which. Though all things considered, "both" is probably a good answer too.
Rich blonde dude is not impressed by your coin, mr. crow.
The small things.
I'd just like to say I really like the background couple in the first frame. It's a small detail, but considering it would have been just as easy to leave the background street empty, it's really nice to see a closer and much more together couple (Maybe they're married, I don't know) placed against the obvious break-up scenario. Really nice juxtaposition.
Wait, you can do that with grass? I usually just grab a stick to get rid of webs.
aw darn it. I had all 10 of my fingers crossed that this wasn't going to happen in Wiley's memorial night.
I just noticed the little beetle design on the bottom of his shoes. Really sticking to the theme there XD
I didn't notice earlier but I like the way there's two different fonts for each side. A nice touch.
This is a comicon! If we're having an epic battle we're going to do it properly! *Starts yelling and powering up for 20 minutes*
Wait, so it's a train...
And its acting crazy...
I'm really impressed with how the art has improved over time in this comic, it looks really good now! Keep it up!