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I'm not good at drawing or keeping consistent character personalities, so i only read comics, not make them
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Doodling is good for the mind :)
@macronencer: ah ok, that would explain why they're able to look at butterflies.
So are they driving a car with left-footed pedals, or is shouting out in alarm to stop an automatic reaction? If the pedals are right footed, the left brain wouldn't need to tell right brain to do the stopping.

Or am I taking it too seriously?
Aw no, its getting all happy-feelsy again. I can just feel something coming along to mess it up.
Hey, Bananas are the fruit of champions. Eating one at or before a sporting event will improve your game immensely.

Still no superpowers though.
Aw man not Broke smokes! Come on Peter.
Awww look how happy Giga-Giga-Bowser is! He found a little kitty running around at his feet!
Darn it, now I'm curious and have to go look up how sunsets work.

And yes, I will enjoy my sunset thank you very much!
You made him angry. This was definitely a mistake.
I feel that was probably Embalmer's poison, though it could still have been her who threw it.
I think this is getting out of Pikachu's control.

Also a little disappointed I didn't get to see a giant Incineroar fighting Giga bowser.
It's the first sign of the AI take over. The End of the world is near.
This is always my favorite part of these kinds of stories. For all the amazing things we've seen, we knew the story and the characters would still end up right here at this moment. But from now on the story could go anywhere. We're no longer looking to explain why Peter asked those questions in the prologue, but rather looking for the answers to the questions themselves. Without even knowing if they will ever be answered, or even can be answered, we are stepping out of the past into the present, and from there into the future.
Someone somewhere did the whole "choose how I die" thing and wanted to die in a volcano's lava. Naturally as there was no volacno anywhere near where that person lived, Steve has had to go get some himself.
Having a common name can be terrible, but also great at the same time. Sometimes it feels like no one is ever talking to you, even when you hear your name called out. Other times its a perfectly good excuse to make a connection with someone else and make friends.
Those teeth are going to give me nightmares.
Right brain, I'm afraid you got lost long, long ago.
Luckily, our friend in the green cape and hood has decided to put the minimum required effort into this chase, or else they totally would have been caught when she stopped there.
Wait, if saying it wrong summons the squid-thing, what happens when they pronounce it correctly?