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I'm not good at drawing or keeping consistent character personalities, so i only read comics, not make them
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    classified information untill the ministry decides to release it
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Those teeth are going to give me nightmares.
Right brain, I'm afraid you got lost long, long ago.
Luckily, our friend in the green cape and hood has decided to put the minimum required effort into this chase, or else they totally would have been caught when she stopped there.
Wait, if saying it wrong summons the squid-thing, what happens when they pronounce it correctly?
Ah yes, nothing like a bit of musical tune to make impossibly confusing number and letter jumbles make sense.
That is a strange close up on those shoes there. Very nicely Drawn though.
Secretly this Comic is a ploy to turn all the readers into furries.
There are definitely some Sci-fi fantasy books based on the idea of planets having a conscience. So who knows? Just another Conspiracy theory for the two sides to question each other over.
They both look rather old all of a sudden. You can see the weight of their memories in their faces.
Speed, a smooth talker you are not.
Ah yes, the couch cushions. Beneath them is a whole other dimension.
Or you could tell them now so they have proper time to plan and prepare, rather than jumping into a situation without a key piece of information that you do in fact have available.
A delicious looking Smokescreen too.
That is some LONG hair. I can only imagine the number of things it gets snagged and pulled on.
Hair color change?

There's a good chance its the "Person" from earlier, but I still think its someone else. I just feel there's only one person that Peter would be so shocked to see that the panel itself would get knocked off balance.
Oliver does not ship them.
April 19th, 2019
Huh, I would have thought normal eggs would have been more skull-like than chocolate Easter ones. Maybe we're thinking of different Easter eggs.
But it's so simply, It's That one! No not that one, the other one! The other other one. On the side. Over there. Unless you need to do the thing while doing another thing. Then it's that one over there. Don't worry, its easy to figure out!