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I'm not good at drawing or keeping consistent character personalities, so i only read comics, not make them
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    classified information untill the ministry decides to release it
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"Hmm... I need to think up a good name for a serial killer. How about..."

*replaces the 's' in serial with 'k' from killer.*

Best Hero 2018.
The fun part is once you get everything to your new home, you get to go through every box and unpack everything! All the fun all over again!
XD I'd love to see more of what weird things Life gets up to during his work.
I feel a very strong sense of instant regret coming from Umbreon.
Classic Sokka. This is going to be great!
Leafy's uncle, why you gotta be breaking up this great moment? Why man? why?
They seem familiar, have we met them before? Or am I just mixing them up with other characters who're similar?

Oh wait nevermind I found them.
Well that doesn't look Ominous at all.
I had a feeling this was coming, but it's still kinda sad. I'll probaly re-read this every no and again just because. (even if it's just the last few pages, because watching our protagonist vent her feelings is incredibly well done and something I've always felt should really be in every pmd-style comic.) So thanks for the great quality comic! Your characters are fleshed out well and the art is great.

If you'd like a suggestion, come back here just to post links to other comics you end up publishing, you've got a bunch of fans here and I'm sure they, like me, would be happy to follow you to whatever comic comes next.
Darn, there goes my 10 bucks. Take him down, Chief!
I didn't realize the rat-people's hand/fingers were so human (yuman?) like. I always thought they were more like claws.
10 bucks says it's a fighting type. I can't think of a fighting type known for charging off the top o my head though.
*Reads all the comments of people complaining about how long the fight scene was*

Me: I uh... really liked the fight scene... Most comics do some kind of montage of attacks or something, it was actually pretty nice to see everything choreographed out and drawn extremely well at the same time. So, looking forward to more!

Also, I totally thought the pavement-rock next to pichu's mouth was a puddle of drool for some reason.
*Starts singing "tomorrow" From the Annie Musical*
Save those bridges that haven't burned yet, it's all you can do now.
DON'T BREAK THE FENCE! Bad things will happen!
The real question is that if you forget, will reading this comic make you remember them, or will you just remember that you forgot them?
Where is that pony even looking? It's like one of her eyes is upside down or something
All the people in the band have gone their separate ways. Only Peter is left where they once rocked.