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I'm not good at drawing or keeping consistent character personalities, so i only read comics, not make them
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I wonder what's under the trapdoor.
The surgery took 9 hours. When the doctors were asked why, they only responded with: "It was a very good read."
January 2nd, 2019
Something tells me it's the right house.
I love how well-together she looks. It feels weirdly unfamiliar after all the recent events.
Was that a flamethrower or a Hyper beam???
December 30th, 2018
These close ups on people's eyes/faces are definitely my favorite panels. I'm not entirely sure why, but they are.
Oh boy a cliffhanger!
I have discovered there is a place in the world actually named "Medicine hat" and it has made everything a little more special.
I am fascinated with Jez. His world outlook and experiences just feel so different from everything and most everyone else in the story so far. He certainly is wasting no potential from the current situation. The transition from College life to life on the road, our knowledge as the reader of Peter's experiences compared to Jez's implied experiences. Two personalities shaped by two very different lives.

It's the end and the beginning all wrapped into one, and this small world has never felt bigger.
I'm either Dasher or Rudolf, bot have 2/3 traits that seem right to me. Then there's a little Cupid and comet mixed in as well. Allthepokemonfacts.
'Tis the Season
*Reads a comic strip about smelling Spring flowers on Christmas day*

This all seems to be proceeding very well. Almost too well....
*Insert Smash Ultimate Joke here*
This is so me. My family is always asking for my Christmas list and I'm just "uuuhhhhh.... the lamp needs a new lightbulb?"
They did just help fight off a raging rhydon for you after all.
December 7th, 2018
I mean, they're a brain. They're technically thinking it, not saying it, right?
I'd say Allison is one of those "weirdos" Roger was talking about, but that's probably be an understatement.
XD I guess it runs in the family.
XD I love how the laptop is just sitting there. I was half expecting you to put the tablet aside and start writing.
@Falconer: I mean, two of the missed days were you visiting family and you did bring your tablet with good intentions, so no one can really blame you for that. The other two, (based on the dailies right before/after) you were clearly very wrapped up in your writing, and it is NaNoWriMo after all, so I wouldn't be surprised if those dailies had been traded in for a few hundred or thousand words and I can't blame you for that either :)
Ding ding ding! Results are in.

Over NaNoWriMo/November:

13 dailies about writing/characters/Nanowrimo

2 dailies about travelling/relatives

2 dailies for special one time events (voting and daylight savings)

11 dailies about random/funny Daily occurrences

4 days were missed.

So, not including the 4 missed days, NaNoWriMo took up 50% of this month's dailies on its own.