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This took forever to finish - I intended for it to commemorate my 100th web comic posted on Smackjeeves. And with that, I'm going on hiatus for a while to work on other projects, including the game Lucid Fate: Poems Between Worlds. See you later!
I started this comic a couple months ago (and had the idea for much longer), but then the Orlando incident happened and I didn't feel right posting this so soon. Still, we can't let terrorism control our livelihood, so here's this comic making fun of both domestic and foreign terrorism (and the UN for good measure). And remember, there's someone for everyone if you know where to look.
I apologize for the uncanny valley mental image this must was based off a dream I had a week ago where cats flew just like this.
Another old comic - most likely the last one. Seems appropriate, given the way my life is going now...this is actually the first comic I drew featuring the green aliens who spy on Earth/infiltrate its culture. If they're out there, it's only logical that we're some sort of Truman Show to them...
I've had this idea in my head for cultural appropriation still a berserk button for SJWs? Either way, it's generally a non-issue: aside from the fact that most cultures take pride in sharing their heritage with others as long as it's consumed with respect, the darker aspect is that if X culture didn't have good food/clothes/women/whatever, some imperialistic nation would have wiped them off the face of the planet.
I don't remember exactly what made me think of this - it was either something I heard at church or a podcast I listened to - but I'm becoming less discouraged and more hopeful about my future as an artist.
Does anyone else find it ironic that anti-gay fearmongers will preach openly about how they don't want their kids exposed to homosexuality in front of their (and everyone else's) kids?
Sorry for the old strip again. I'm working on a couple of big things right now - more announcements to come!
This is the price I paid for some sanitary products once - note how the only tax is the sales tax that comes standard on non-food items in California. Granted, there is a luxury tax on sanitary products in the UK, but considering my country wouldn't be here if Britain didn't have a tax obsession, that's to be expected (not that I condone it). This comic was slightly inspired by this anon hate I got back in the day - I've had this idea floating around in my head for a while, but I only now decided to execute it. I should make more Remy comics; Remy is fun to hate.
This was inspired by a specific incident with a guy who went out of his way to damage my friendship with his best friend out of sheer jealousy, but regularly engaged on social media with porn actresses whose "entertainment" he consumed. However, I think this comic can be saying a number of things, so take it as you will.
Here is a redo of a comic I made for Comixwarriors, which marks the point in my life where I started to become self-conscious of whether or not my content offends people. It's a habit that I'm trying to break out of. Hopefully I'll have some new stuff next week!
Here's a comic I originally did for Comixwarriors that got rejected because of the fake nerd girl meme <strike>(I swear, chicks these days are more offended by the prospect of being called a fake gamer girl than they are by rape jokes)</strike>, so I made a tamer variation on the theme (which I will post next week while I accumulate more comics to scan/color).
I was kind of depressed when I made this comic, but I thought it would be funny if the guy at the end turned around and actually did something with the less-than-favorable hand he was dealt to further show how I can never catch a break. While the comic is more or less an accurate description of my life, I'm starting to see more and more that people around me who have it equally bad are more prone to succumb to their bitterness instead of using it to better themselves like I am. At least I can take those lemons and make a comic out of them for people to laugh at.
The songs on the radio are "Enter Sandman" by Metallica and "Llorar" by Socios Del Ritmo (incidentally, both are on my iPod). I came up with this idea while I was taking a shower, for some reason. Where I live, radio reception is so bad that it's not uncommon for the rock stations to be periodically usurped by the Spanish-language stations.
I can't be the only one who gets sick of seeing people on Facebook talk about how great their lives are, particularly when you know their dirty secrets firsthand...fortunately, my best friend Doris understands. <3 I don't know...maybe I'm just a cynical person.
I usually don't post the comics I make about the people I live with, but they both have aggravated me so much lately that I needed to get this out of my system. I created the rough draft of this comic back in 2014, but decided to actually draw it out recently.
I originally drew this for a challenge where I had to make a comic with two popular characters in it. I decided to color it and post it while I come up with new comics in the meantime. The glow effect was really hard to do, so if anyone has an easier method, let me know.
This one took some extra time to create, but I think the end result was worth it. As for my cynical outlook on romantic love, I don't know if I'm overly redpilled or if I just haven't found the right person...but either way, I would rather learn to live without feeling like I need someone to share my life with.
This is an old comic that is featured in Stork Industries, a series of ComixWarrior comics I eventually compiled into a one-shot comic for my oldest son's birthday. Someday I might revisit this universe...right now, I've had a very busy week, and I have to catch up on my art again.
This is the passive-agressive way people like to ask for trigger/content warnings on Tumblr. Ironically, though, it was an anti-SJW who inspired this comic by taking offense and giving me verbal threats over my indie gamer comic.