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Hi! I'm just a normal, average guy who loves art and webcomics! I am a Christian and believe in love for all people. I try to write materials that can bring an engaging story to everyone, with added nuggets of wisdom, creativity, and humor!

I also enjoy music, singing, and playing a few instruments.

I hope you like My comics! I make them for all of you!
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March 17th, 2017
HOLY FRICK, I literally can't wait for the next update!!!
Astrid: Honey!! I told you there were other night furies!!!
The excitement is real!!!
I'll be waiting!!!
Father's Daughter
She really reminds me of her Dad. There is honestly a lot of him in her...
January 13th, 2016
Totally Epic
The title sums it up.
January 12th, 2016
Great job!
Excellent comic so far! I like the story and the buildup! Keep it coming.
tis a sad thing
@yamilink That's a very unfortunate thing is it not? Such a good classic too! In fact, I was able, over a decade ago, to see it as a live performance in England! The car was carried up and flew over that audience by a robotic arm! Man, memories. Kids these days just wouldn't appriciate the movie the same.. tis a sad thing.
Wow, title reference though...
I feel old, did no one else catch the reference in your page title?
@PhantomCat: That was my first reaction to the comments above.
Question for Daddy
Here is my question To Ireth's father: Do you miss your daughter? Like do you ever want to come home and see her?

Question to Author: How long has he been gone again? Does he know about the change over? You know, from fighting to training dragons? If so what's his opinion on it? Like does it bother him or na?
Dang them claws...
I've never really taken into huge consideration the enormous claws that DT has. I mean, dang. Them claws.
March 26th, 2015
I love this page! Great artwork!
February 20th, 2015
Does everyone really have to ruin the great action scene with inappropriate references? Grow up, please. The author is probably frustrated or embarassesd, Please STOP.
Mmmmmmm........ I just want to hug her and let her nussle me back. 'don't lick me I do kill...' *dead eye freaky/lifeless zombie look*
Mmmm.... Mmmm.... Mm.. Ahhh. I can't, I just can't. This is to perfect, I want a nightfury of my own now. I Geneticists figure that out in the future I WILL, mark my words I WILL BUY IT, because of you!