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Awe, she pulled him out of it, but I still love his "ow yeah I guess I should do that" haha! Ohhh I can't wait to see what the last panel means!
It is pretty, but oh no! What's gonna happen if he uses to much magic T_T.
I wondered if they bonded! Also, I love the snark, like yes you bonded keep holding his hand ok? Hah!
Ah no! The emotions are so strong on this page, the worry, hngg I hope he's alright!
Oh no!! No dying!

Also, Happy Early Birthday! (mine was Sat so yay June birthday bros) I hope you have a wonderful birthday!
June 13th, 2018
Wooo what a great chapter! You deserve a rest! Also I went and followed you on twitter even tho I forget to use it ha.
Yay the cavalry is here! I knew that the blood wasn't a good sign. Haha teleporting, nah I just used my bike. I hope he's ok!
June 10th, 2018
Hnng these details you put in are just so amazing. Aki someone needs to come save you!
Oh no Aki! Hnngg the details you put in, the way I can feel that its hard for him to breathe, its so beautifully done.
The poor kid, someone come help him T_T.
Oh no, there must be something wrong with the upload T_T.
I love how you draw blood, I know poor Aki, but your ability to draw details is so beautiful. (Also your restraint is amazing, I would've put 69 haha).
Oh no he's not looking good. Good on Emma to make sure they're not being chased! Also the right 8th panel her face is hilarious! That's neato.
Aki is like I can take the punches, poor kid. Calli is all like fuck computer go faster!
The blood is a bit worrisome T_T, I hope he'll be ok. Also stairs is always a big mood ugh.
I love how you draw the fight scenes, there's so much movement but it doesn't look too much. I love it.
Awe poor kid. He's more worried about Ned than his own feelings. That's not selfish, that's caring.
So apparently my comment decided to slide over to the before page. I guess I'll just comment here too. I love the movement you use!
I love the action and fighting. It's smooth and the emotions are so well drawn. Those masks do make it hard to tell who is who (which I know its the point haha).
Bad dude coughs, "oh come on!" like just stay down. Also I love the nerd talk, helps keep the worry down.