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Awe little lion, that's such a cute nickname!!
Those sparkles at the end, sure kid sure. I love the shift of serious to sparkles, lovely!
I'm intrigued now, very intrigued.
Time to drag the boy, literally and figuratively ha!!
Haha yeah about that, lol that face omg! I love him!
Haha let me look at it you, I love that the person just shoves the other person aside!
Tamboran Blaze Whiskey sounds interesting, but also not a good choice if he's planning on drinking the whole thing. Glad to see you back updating!
They areeee yours are bomb tho! I love all the details you put in!
Its lovely to see you back! I got so excited to see this comic update! I have the same problems honestly, but your art is wonderful! It can be so hard to believe that the art we make is good.

On a comic note, omg kid dont make enemies out of immortal kings, not a smart thing to do :|
I'll miss this comic, but I understand. I hope things work out well for you and if/when you come back I'll definitely be happy :)
I adore this comic, I get so excited to see it update!
November 26th, 2018
Nothing wrong with taking a break after a chapter. I know a lot of comic artists who do. Take your time, recharge and I look forward to your return!
Sparkles attack! Haha I love! Oh no, is something wrong, I hope nothing is wrong T_T.
Happy Halloween! I hope you feel better soon! You deserve the rest :).
Welcome back! Beans Beans!! You should've haha!
I dont like him, he's creepy. Be nice to the kid creepy dude.
Omg this is just too adorable! David and his dragon child! I hope everything is going ok, we can wait for pages you take care of you <3.
I hope you feel better soon! And rest lots and drink fluids.

Also awe, wingpeople are the best. I bet it was cute tho, so soft. I love these characters.
I hope you had fun at the con! Ohhh more magic knowledge! And then we slip in distraction about a date haha! I love this comic :).
Awe this is so cute! Also keep calm and always carry a towel hehe. Also welcome back! That's ok, I always look forward to your updates :).