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April 30th, 2012
@kinny-man: their bots that go crazy and post random crap on random comics.

WTF Are people actually reading this?!
I miss you guys :*(

I really like this.

Also..omg necks.
This drew this comic to make you sexually confused.

I'm trying to find the best way that I can explain what I'm about to say. It's difficult and I only find myself rambling in my head with crappy excuses. I'm done with Earth Beta. For those of you who are my loyal readers please read on, otherwise don't waste your time. Thanks for reading my comic.

I've been doing Earth Beta since 2001. For the first 2 years I loved it. Then a friend of mine died and Sean and I didn't feel like be funny anymore. Sean started getting busy, and we weren't our separate ways. Ever since then, my heart's never been in it. After her death, I changed. I lost my passion in things. It's my own fault really. I carried on making Earth Beta for the next 8 years because I felt obligated to do it. I felt that if I kept at it, people would see it and I'd get more fans. I thought if I got a fan base, I'd be more passionate about the comic. But the fan base never came. I only accumulated a handful of fans, which I adore.

A little over year ago, I grew that passion back. I thought to myself, I'm not going to work this dead end job for the rest of my life. I worked there for a total of 4 years, and I was getting paid shit. The business was changing…for the worse. Making things harder on others, when it didn't have to be. All because people don't know how to do their own jobs. So after that frustration and anger, I bought myself a Wacom Tablet. I started to take my art seriously. Within 3 months, I worked hard to change my life. I saved over 3,000 dollars and I was off to college.

I went to Florida, thinking this was my chance. All I needed was a co-signer…but my family abandoned me. The only people who believed me were my parents. But because my brother has neglected HIS college loans, I got fucked. There is no possible way for me to get a loan for any college unless it's with my own credit. Which is right in the middle. Also I had to find out, my uncle just committed suicide only 20 minutes away from where I was…like 6 days ago(at the time). My money bleed out, and the recession just started. I had no money, and I had to come back home.

It's been hard to hold my head high and plow through. It's pathetic really. I shouldn't be so upset because I couldn't go to college. I'm only now realizing that I'm lower middle class. I know I could go to LCC, and afford it. No offense to LCC(Lansing Community College), but there isn't anything they can really teach me. I can learn most everything about art on my own. Look how much I've improved in a year.

I didn't mean for this to be a emo blog about me, sorry. What I'm saying is, I don't have the passion for Earth Beta. I like making the jokes and delivering them. But a majority of the time I'm thinking about other projects I'd rather be doing. Other things I'd rather learn. Earth Beta always standing as a giant road block to my art progress. It's helped me learn a lot, but there isn't anything else it can help me on. It's fulfilled it's use. Now I can move on to other ventures.

I don't see this as a "I quit" situation. I feel more like, I've finally completed Earth Beta. And I feel relieved. I've made over 450 comics, and it's time for something else.

Man, I probably should have made this post funnier.

I mean seriously, this thing sounds like a suicide note.
I can't imagine that working unless you knew the girl.

I don't have anything really news worthy except, vote? New month, more votes! VOTE HARD.

I worked really hard on this one, I hope you guys LOVE it. <3 I also want to thank all you guys who are commenting. Thank you so very much for your support. As for everyone else, you could at least vote…or plug my site…bring some noobs to my comic.

I find it rather odd that I completely understand Matt's logic. That's right Logic…over seasoned with insanity and crazy sauce. But I get it. Be there is a giant flaw in the logic. If you become a Highlander, how do you get killed? I mean, you can chop off their head because they don't have necks. It's like I found some Highlander loophole. Eliminate necks, live forever.

Have a great weekend ^_^
Heroess of Newerth is a beta my friends and I play. You can preorder it…and I'd say it's worth buying. It's a really fun game, but it's an asshole to be good at. As soon as you think you're good, someone comes on by and rapes you and your pride.

I feel I should give you guys a fair warning. You shouldn't get this game if you don't love losing. I love losing all the time. And this game, you'll lose 80% of the time…but when you win it's so awesome. It's like gambling, but instead of money, you're playing with your gaming ego. Which will be non-existent after you play this game. I…I need to play right now…bryan needs his fix.
Yeah…this actually happened…with ME. I WAS MATT…I was…the little spoon. The other GUY? That was Keeton…aka Jesta. The third guy is an asshole named Kevin, who thought it'd be awesome to tell us about THE CLOSET FULL OF GOD DAMN BLANKETS AFTER Keeton and I sailed away on our gay spooning voyage.

Dave's reaction was par to what we felt when he told us about the closet…that was literally five feet from where we were sleeping. And the closet…it didn't have just one or two blankets…no no. The closet was completely FULL of BLANKETS.

Laters guys,
I'm so happy I'm posting on FEB 17th. You know what's an awesome number? 17. Do any of you guys have a number that stalks you like a twitchy fan boy? I do! My friends and I had "17" initiations back in high school. The good ol' days.

I really do love Japan. I want to live there…but they have a lot of crazy things. Like…french fry pizza…and sex robots…and hot girls who love cartoons as much as I do.

Lol..this comic still gets me.

I wish you all the very best for those of you who are fortunate/unfortunate/or tricked into be a couple. Is the day really about romanticism…or sexual favors? Or candy?

I know it's a bit late of a post, my bad. I've been plagued with doing a giant picture of the Pooh Bear. You can find it on my deviant art site…when you go add me to your watch list.

Good luck this weekend ;oP

: Bry-bear
Enjoy some Nostalgia.

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Loved your comment smeagol.
I did actually find a Teddy Ruxpin, and in it's original case for $45. Though the box was pretty beat up, it was still badass to see.
It's a start of a new week…and a new month. That means VOTE. I think this should be a good month. Yay Valentines day right? NO! Boooooo. It is NOT a good month for me, I don't have a girlfriend. So screw the rest of you that have someone.

I'm sorry, I don't mean that. I'll be ok. I don't need anyone. On those cold and long lonely nights, I'll always have my x-box and computer to keep my warm. Can you say threesome? What can I say, I really know how to turn them on. Sometimes I get my computer so hot I need to put a fan on her.

Honestly though, I do miss having a girlfriend. Who else is going to lie to my face and cheat on me all the time? I miss those full days of arguing and bickering over stupid shit. But most of all, I miss being able to taunt them with pranks. I made two of my ex's snap. I'm laughing right now just thinking about it.


-Love Bryan.

I'm totally seeing this movie today!!! I'm excited. I've seen all the movies he's in. I'm not kidding.

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Have yourselves a fantastic weekend!! I'll see you on Monday. ^_-

Happy Monday who gives a damn. *Yawn* I honestly have no idea how I get the ideas for these comics. I laugh at the stupidity of my thought process. Like today's comic. I mean zero g pee is an exciting thing to me. But peeing in outer space…how did THAT happen?

VOTE VOTE VOTE VOTE? VOTE! VOTE. Oh my god Vote. Be nice and at least vote. I'd like to feel some satisfaction for making these comics.

Or you can be like Paul, Keeton, or Larry and shit all over me with their harsh "criticism" and truth nukes. I should at least be happy they read the comics. Except Larry. He's a senseless bitch. But he won't read this until 3 months from now. By then I should know enough Karate to stop him……but probably not.


You guys.

Are assholes.

-Love Bryan
Ah, the truth hurts. This comic is quite appropriate to all the wonderfully painful responses I got the last comic. Thanks for all the truth bombs you assholes. At least I'm finally out of the terrifying woods of storylines. But now I get to live in the horrifying world of random joke comics. I'm…excited?

I hope you all have a good weekend.

Except you, Paul and Keeton. Fuck you guys. <3

Part 3 out of 4 of the mini-series “Get Bryan out of his storyline and stop his horrible attack on the English language” has been completed(excluding that sentence right there.) One more comic, and it’s back to the good old days. The days of random comics. True story, I wrote random funny comics before I started the storyline stuff SURPRISE >_<. I truly blossom within the comic domain with my chaotic random ideas…which sets the comic world into flames…again. My bad.

Uhhh…that VGL wallpaper I promised…I’m working on it…I’m just having some scheduling conflicts. I mean between work or Video games, which one would you choose? Stupid life eating video games…every time…I know.

Anyways, show me some love and VOTE. Also, show me some comment love. Sean, my co-writer seems to think we can’t pull off three updates a week. He’s under the delusion that we can’t write that many every week. Even though we have a grand total of 11 complete scripts right now…and we have 4-5 that could easily be fleshed out. Never mind the fact that I’m the idea generator behind all the comics and all he has to do is take the comedy puke that comes out of my mouth and bake them into delicious comedy muffins. I’m joking though, he does more than that. He also shoots down 80% of my ideas (most of the ones involving naked chicks and boobs[everyone boo Sean]). But show me some comment love so I can laugh in his face and start updating three times a week. (But there will still be no boobs, sorry)

So COMMENT and vote pretty please.

Lol sorry about that guys. I updated my main site but i forgot to update smackjeeves. That's what I get for posting when i'm only 20% awake.
January 11th, 2010
super <3 :*(