yo sup im rachel i draw and shit
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@HowlingArctic: Thanks! I hope it doesn't disappoint! ^u^
@ParaFox: Sorry for taking awhile to respond, I'm pretty new to this site when it comes to comments and stuff. o:
Anyways, thank you! Next part will be up soon :3c
@MisterTonberry: Sorry for the late reply, I'm not really all that used to this website yet. ^^U
Thank you though! I hope it does come out awesome, I've been working on this story for like, two years now? A long time haha!
This probably has to be like, the most serious thing I ever written. And it's not even that serious, I'm just SO used to writing fucking stupid shit when I finally do something that's kind of serious it's like. Wow. I'm in completely new territory.
But I really like dhow this turned out! :D And I hope you guys did too! <33
Oh, and in case you're wondering why none of the humans have eyes, it's because like, this story is about Pokemon, not humans. I want the focus to be on them and have the humans not really stand out in any way, if that makes sense. It made sense in my head, and that's all that counts.
1) Can only capture the 1st Pokemon
-Can not catch any Pokemon when you have a full
-Shinies can be caught regardless
2) If it faints, it's dead
-If Daichi faints, the run ends.
Hey everyone, I'm Rachel and this is the first run I'm going to be posting on this site. I'm hella nervous and not used to doing these things, so I hope everything works out hehe. ;;
Alpha Stupidity was made so I can learn/get used to drawing digitally and making comics in general so I can make a Nuzlocke I've been planning for awhile as best as possible. AS will mostly be a goofy and (hopefully!) humorous run, but critique is always welcome!
Also, this is a semi-blind run, and I would like to keep it that way! So please, don't tell me about anything that happens past Norman, as that is the farthest I played in a normal run. I have played the originals before so I have an idea what to expect, but I don't want any changes to be spoiled for me. Thanks!

1) Only the first Pokemon may be caught in each area
-Dupes may be ignored
-Shinies can be caught and used regardless
2) Pokemon that faint are considered dead, and must be perma box'd
-Once the comic is complete, all dead Pokemon must then be released
3) Pokemon must be nicknamed the first appropriate thing that comes to mind