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To the Moon!
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Our story beings...
Profile 5 of 5!! Alison Thunderland!! Awooo!!!
Cigarettes & Carrot Juice
“An all-girl gang rumbles with vampires, witches, and surf Nazis in 1980’s Santa Cruz.”

Created by Ash Maczko & Ashley Witter
© Ash Maczko & Ashley Marie Witter

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June 18th, 2015
After three days the Scorch Kickstarter has reached its goal! AWESOME!!!

We still have 27 days to go. I hope you'll visit the Kickstarter and get yourself some KS-only exclusives. Get yourself the first volume of the print edition! All money raised will go towards the production of the book.

(and thus effectively helping me to continue the series online and in print by popular demand, wink wink)

We're live!
oh my gosh!! :D
Scorch is being printed!
Devils Due Entertainment is going to run a Kickstarter to raise funds for exclusive items. The Kickstarter goes live on Monday!!! Get yourself some of dat Scorch!

Check it out -
'SCORCH' Comes to Devil's Due devils-due/

"Scorch is available for July release through Diamond and will have a unique offering available through Kickstarter in May."
April 7th, 2015
revisiting old work
With the Trade Paper Back coming out, I've decided to use this opportunity to do some "fine tuning" to the first chapter of Scorch. Just a little polish with all my newly acquired art skills. :D

*aw shite! I broke the layout. Well, the buttons still work. ;)
© Ash Maczko & Ashley Marie Witter

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There were a few companies who offered to pick it up. I felt most comfortable working with Devils Due. Having that creative freedom is uber important to me. :)
omg whaaat?
Find out more here:
Something is happening. I don't have exact details just yet but I wanted long-time Scorch fans to know first. :)
over here...
Happy Halloween ERRBODY! :D
This is Major Tom to Ground Control.
screw it I feel like celebrating. Today MTV Geek released a sneak preview of the Cover for my adaptation of Anne Rice's Interview with the Vampire. (ooh it's like a striptease!) See the article here The book is already avaiable for preorder! =sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1328737323&sr=8-1 Look for it in November 2012!
sorry >_< I really hate interrupting chapters, especially a new one, but it's been a WHOLE YEAR!!!
Yen Press announces book

Publishers Weekly article -s-interview-with-the-vampire-goes-graphic.html

Publishers Weekly interview ey-marie-witter-bringing-ann-rice--s-vampires-to-life.html

Anne talks about graphic novel at SDCC '11 -with-the-vampire-comic.jhtml

Gothology Belfry Twins spotlight