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Hohoho! Last page of the intro! Next we start Chapter 1: Bast and the Easter Bunny!
I feel like this was a somewhat awkward time-skip. But, y'all are smart, you know what's happening. Nobody wants to listen to the main character describe what you just saw.
Who doesn't like getting gothed up all pretty? I know it makes ME feel better :)
This page got really dark.. can't remember if I did that on purpose or if the darks just got away from me O.o
Aah, yes. The stereotypical redneck dad. Don't worry, it's not offensive. I grew up in redneck country, so i'm allowed!
It's not what you think!!!
Bahaha, half nekid people look strange in this style XD
Look! An external scene! That took me fooorrrreeevvvveeerrrr >_< I hate drawing rows of houses. Soooo many straight lines!
I like this page! The snow is a spray paint brush with the opacity turned way down. And yes, he did just step into the snow in his socks.
This kid's poor mother..
I am just terrible to my characters.
Aahaha, gross.
Now this page I like. And it was super hard because I don't do action shots very often. Lookit that boy runnin' super fast! Woo!
Baahahahaha! I hate this page sooooo much XDD
Oh man. I did a thing on this and the next page that I just hate XD part of the experimental process though *nodnod* to find out what you like, you gotta figure out what you hate.
Oh no look, still some lines on his hat there! Lines.. Pretty much everywhere. Soo many lines.
Hey! Look! I got experimental with the text!
I don't like it -_-
It cluttered up the page.
I enjoy this page. Especially the last panel. Mm, looks like this is about where I stopped drawing all the lines on his hat. I figure everyone can just assume it's knitted, like all other beanies in existence o.o
I guess the bunny looks sort of mean in this one, but not creepy by any means. Of course, the statue of Bast is pretty spooky. Kitty looks like she want's claw your eyes out.
Oh man. Lookit that easter bunny. It's not creepy at all. Idk why I chose that design. There are plenty of creepy-ass easter bunnies. The common anthropomorphized one is creepy as shit! I wonder if it would be super noticeable if I just change it when i draw it next, and leave it like it is on these pages?