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Send Message's kinda... fixed.
@TheSilverLeague: Yeah, I don't like it either right now. Did at first but now it's pretty much an eyesore. Fixing that to spread out over both panels or just stick with one.
@Barh The Barh: Thanks!
And yeah, this first season will be primarily at Maroon Academy but I think I might even do a little bit in Indigo Academy as well as Teal. Also looking forward to the back story I'm working up for why Pokemon in the wild are becoming so Hostile and dangerous in general.
Felt I should critique these after watching Silver's Pixel Art in Review and finding flaws all over the place. Obvious flaws. Wrong, bad, downright criminal flaws.

So for the characters I KNOW. I ripped and pieced together pretty much everyone. I'm not going to say it for the sake of preserving the integrity of the character's as individuals but I feel I'm going to have a lot of fun with putting them through the coarse of the story.

And for the record, Kelsey is not a B****, she just has a more cocky and assertive attitude. Just had to throw that out there. Regardless I'm probably going to repost this page edited because her... proportions -ahem- are beginning to really bother me. Particularly in her... upper region but overall she needs some touch ups everywhere. Truth be told she was the one who went through the most editing so it's kinda frustrating I can't seem to get her right.

Happy with Benedict so don't even start with me on him.

Marissa definitely needs some original touches. Gonna have to figure out where though because I honestly like her as she is for the most part... the most part...

Enrique is just Enrique. If you honestly don't see where I ripped him from then good. Because it's painfully obvious once you know. The boots will need shading. Desperately. And the pistol just doesn't fit right so I'll need to proportion that later. The but the hat really needs some originality lathered on good and thick so I'll work on that too.

And Asher... sorry Pete (friend who originally gave me the sprite design to add as his character so SHOUT OUT!). I couldn't stand to use the HG SS Male character variant head. It was too obvious... as if this isn't. Regardless, the sprite itself mirrors the character amazingly. Still going to touch it up... maybe a lot. Because this is honestly the most obvious rip here.
So I read through the review and felt like I had something to add. With Magicians, a very common trick is the less you see, the better. Now GRANTED, with comics that is not helpful, but in this case I feel it does help.

Allow me to explain where I'm coming from here. If you've ever played games like Fire Emblem (jumped out of my chair when I saw Silver's Gilliam and Erika Cameos), you'll know that when the characters are talking to each other the sprites are EXTREMELY rigid. The characters don't move at all, their mouths may move with the words, their eyes will blink and the sprite may have a downcast variant to depict a sadder emotion, but all in all that's not the point.

The point is that the reader is IMAGINING what the characters expressions and emotions are like as they interpret the text. Yes the sprites will be rigid, but from what they're saying you can picture the wide ranging emotions that they're portraying in ways that no artist could ever really in my opinion... well, grasp. The original sprite and it's posing is, in the case of Fire Emblem, a backdrop for the character's individual personality. In Path of Radiance for instance, Shinon's sprite is somewhat slouched, indicating that he's a laid back, let-the-other-guy-do-it kind of guy. However at one point he's drunk as a waterlogged mule and bumbling all over the place. Though his sprite isn't moving, the reader can picture Shinon stumbling towards Ike in a drunken manner.

At the heart of Spriting is the concept of what is not quite seen. If we honestly intended to find details, then why create characters designed out of little squares? Spriting offers a medium of imagination for the reader as a pose to simply drawing it out for them. It's a novel in which the settings and time of day are already spoken for and the reader can jump straight into the heart of the story building what the character's truly look like in their own minds. I know a comic is supposed to be vivid in it's presentation, but if Comics were poetry, Spriting would be free verse.
@TheSilverLeague: Any suggestions?
So Upon reflection, as much as it didn't turn out quite the way I had wanted, the Maroon Trainer Academy now has a visual. To the right is the Official training dome, in the middle is the school itself (not sure if I should make it bigger...) and to the left are the in forest practice pits.

Really looking forward to making this story come to life through the characters as well as through some ideas for vibrant environments.
Too. Cute. I love that squirtle
@Hunter: Thanks for the support! If you can, tell any other silver league fans about this. I'd love to get more feedback from this community!
@TheSilverLeague: You're exceptionally good at it! Keep updating and I'll catch up in two weeks with what you've done once I'm back in civilization.
Did you custom make that Serperior? I didn't find any gen five on Spriter's resource.
@Barh The Barh:

For one, the paint program I'm using doesn't have the shapes (Yeah, it's THAT old) and secondly the paint program doesn't allow for much leniency on manipulation after you put the shape down. Thanks for the thought though!
So I realise this now, but I think I should explain that when the Text boxes are Purple and pink, that's when telepathy is being used. I didn't suddenly just change color pallets in between for no good reason. The Black and white is said out loud.

The one major set back I'm discovering to GIMP right now is that it's really sketchy to make text bubbles. As much as the text boxes are... decent-ish... the bubbles have to be completely drawn up with shapes makin git really sketchy. Hoping to get better at it later on or finding a image program that has text bubbles in place.
@TheSilverLeague: Unfortunately it kinda does. The Point of the first was morning and beginning. The First rule which was on choice lines up with People deciding to create buildings (realizing now this was all a bit of a stretch) the people of a fat Guy and the elderly lady were a focus that you never really know what their story is but that they have one (even though they're just stock people). The last one of the clock fit with only having one "time" to make a mark on the world so yeah.Kinda messes with the story but I won't make the mistake later on. I'll see If I can move some stuff around though!
This is my first page. Working on a chapter cover. Please be patient. If you like what you see, feel free to comment.