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Poor Dekai, he seems so confused XD
Lol poor Fiora, she ain't getting him out of coming along. :3
Is that some kind of structure in the mountain behind Gary?
This makes me so glad I have like 2 weeks before school >.<

11th grade here I come!
Remind me not to anger Nova's mother. O.o
Well something bad is going to happen, gonna go prepare for that.
I love this comic! Honestly one of the best I've read here on SmackJeeves:D
My prayers have been answered! Nobody died in this fight, yeah :D
*proably just jinxed it*
Is it wrong that I ship Ket and Roark? :T
But anyways fighting, yeah :D
Now I'm going to look stupid for asking this but, who is that? The controller?
I don't know how you did it, but you did. You somehow made a Zubat look adorable and cute.
Lol those eyes on the Machamp are beautiful
And I now just noticed that ignis is in the background of the void being attacked.
Omg it's Ziria! Or an adalisk.
I have a feeling this is what happens when a battle goes on in that anime
I see that side glance look, I see it! And i don't like it!
And it's official, the fourth wall just broke.
Thunder the shinx
December 5th, 2016
Yeah! He isn't dead!
I always feel like I'm being rude when I ask someone to draw something for me, unless it's a friend that I know, but if it's not to much to ask could I get a drawing of shinx and Riolu together? Except the shinx has green eyes instead of her normal yellow ones and the Riolu has an eyepatch on his right eye (and if it's not to hard, the Riolu does have right mechanical arm.) Thanks! And if you don't have time Thats fine! Ill work on it myself.
Did anyone notice that when they said the names at the end it was 'N-Dusk'? It makes it seem like they were going to say "Night" instead of dusk.