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I think that's the cutest Siska I've ever drawn.
Siska becomes more like Dr. Eggman by the day.
Who else is psyched for Black Panther?

Let's be real, it's everyone. No spoilers! I'll get to it soonish.
@Captain Ghost: Usually mine clear up by opening up Services and restarting the Wacom drivers, but sometimes I just gotta restart the computer and hope it works *shrugs* I can't really come up with a better solution
Sorry it's a bit late, I was having WACOM driver issues again. It just happens sometimes *shrug*
My 2nd monitor stopped working - I couldn't figure out why. It would still show stuff if I duplicated or switched screens, but it refused to "extend" for some reason. I updated the drivers, rolled back the drivers, clicked through a couple menus, tried to identify and detect the screen, reset the pc a few times, reset the screen a few times, unplugged and re-plugged in everything... nothing was working.

In the end, I fixed it by flipping to mirrored landscape and then landscape mode again... I don't know why the hell that worked, but I guess it worked so... whatever.

I feel like I'm descending into madness. It's stuff like this that bugs me, there's no logic! It's like how I can just whack my screen when it's flickering and it somehow fixes it. Makes no sense. NO SENSE.
I was going for Super-Deformed and I'm not 100% sure I actually hit it?
I don't know what it is about this week, but I've been feeling especially sluggish. February blues, maybe?

Heyy, it's Superbowl Sunday. I hated both the teams in the Superbowl so it wasn't a great watch for me, but I guess it was a crazy good game, huh?
Kat's so fun.
Sometimes when I watch sports I think to myself, "why am I watching this, I'm just making myself stressed and angry for no reason."

I choose to blame the referees. They're either blind or crooked, I'm not entirely sure which.
SD Siska is really funny.
Woof, kept falling asleep while drawing. A bit late, but done!

Siska's kind of fun to draw, but only from certain angles. I made the mistake of giving her a really anime hairstyle, which totally only works from about 4 different angles lol
Casual Kat! Yup, she's still my favorite to draw.

I expect she'll be back in her ninja outfit sooner rather than later, but I assume while everyone else was pulling all nighters, she was off taking a shower and a long rest.
Given how I've drawn the Ren family home, I'm a bit sad that The Avenger wasn't a katana.

Hindsight, you know how it is.
Goodbye, girl made of stardust.

I'm starting to feel like Nether's the final boss of this whole thing, hahaha.
Glad I saw how much text this page had before I started drawing... It's pretty simple, just so that all the text would fit ^^"
Numbers are probably approximate, since it's got perfect zeroes in a base-10 system rather than a number like 512,402 or something.
I'm enjoying these night scenes, since I get to try shading with a totally different palette.
Back muscles are weird to draw, there's like a random triangle just "there" that I always forget to account for.