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Tactical retreat!
Kai should probably take this more seriously, this is like monologuing while a laser slowly moves towards James Bond
The problem with sneak attacks is that, even if the opponent is moving super fast or teleporting, they always attack you from behind, so just swing your sword in mad circles around your neck area and you'll probably block or something?
I wasn't exactly sure how this would come out... I wanted it to look way ominous, like Cell being hit by a Kamehameha,
Sometimes, a page just looks better proportionally than other times, (where I have to adjust and readjust for hours trying to fix something). This is one of those pages where it just felt "right" to me right off of the sketch.

You'd think I'd learn my lesson that sometimes it's better to just scrap and redraw something completely, but no, I always just try to adjust and warp and distort until something looks right.... which takes way longer.
A bit late 'cuz I went and watched the season finale of GoT first. I'm glad that the payoff to all the stories was more consistent with what the characters would probably do, the past 2 episodes have been totally schizophrenic in tonality.
I dropped my tablet a few weeks ago, and I just recently noticed a few days ago that there seems to be like hairline cracks in it. It leaves like slight discolorations when I'm drawing. It's only noticeable on light colored backgrounds, but when I'm drawing it gives me no end of frustrations. I don't want to spend hundreds of dollars to get it maaaybe fixed and have to spend weeks without my tablet, but it makes my head hurt looking at it, so I'm undecided.
This page came out pretty cool. I'm going to regret making Dark look like this, I assume, but for now it's fun drawing him.

I'm going to just rant into the ether for a sec. The new season of Game of Thrones has been bugging me, and I think I figured out what it is - the showrunners, without the books to kind of guide them, have no sense of pacing. Everything just sort of "happens" at once and it's always been the slow burn that made GoT moments feel even bigger.

Also, they've totally screwed up Tyrion. In the books, he's really smart, and even when it doesn't seem like he knows what he's doing, he's got a plan. Ever since they deviated from the books (around the time he landed in Mereen), he's been a moron and nothing's gone right. If he's not smart, what's the point of him? /rant
Today was a weird, unsettling day... (well, week) for Americans. Makes me glad that as a Canadian, our big political thingamajig is about a giant rubber duck or something.

This is the end of Part 5! Dark's supposed to look more feral, so I styled him more "werewolf" (with the super long creepy arms). Probably don't expect his hair to look this crazy every time.

Sol hasn't told me, but I'd guess he's got a few more transformations in him...
I did a background! I am terrible at backgrounds!

I kind of dig this page for the action poses though.
Since Kratos is gone, the party (sans Masai) have made their way out of the tower.

Which means if Siska sees Masai falling, that's... probably a bad sign.
You know those mental health tests online charge you like $9 to get results? That feels exploitative to me...
I had totally forgot what the Prince looks like lol. It's been a long time.
Ack I saved the file incorrectly and lost all the layers so I can't edit it anymore.
Yeah I dunno why I tried drawing it this way instead... the drawing was pretty fast but coloring took longer than the other way I was drawing so I'm still split on whether it's better or worse.

I'm not sure if it even looks any different, even if the entire process is waaaay different.
He's probably crying but I'm not gonna show it 'cuz cool guys don't show it.

(I realize I've totally probably drawn him crying before but whatever! Cool guy!)
Playing around with lining and shading techniques.

I think this type of shading color corrects better, but I'm not 100% happy about it. It color corrected way blue for my liking, but I think it's a nice efficient method compared to previously.
They announced a new Doctor Who today! I'm pretty happy with Jodie Whittaker, she was probably the best part of Broadchurch to me.

Also, there's a new Blazblue coming! A crossover with RWBY and Persona and some other stuff, so that's exciting.

ALSO, new Game of Thrones season happening! Sad that it's a shortened season, but still thrilling.
Nothin' better than a boob window.
I thought I gave myself enough time to knock this out, but I'm spending way too much time watching Woj's twitter feed waiting for news on Carmelo Anthony