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So many new outfits and characters to design!
Whoa, timeskip time.
Sealed with a kiss.
So romantic
I don't think I've ever cried tears of happiness before!
Siska = Best little sister.
New Pantheon!

Man, who was in charge before while these two were mucking around... cleanup all that up is going to be terrible.
Goodbye ninja girl! Goodbye trenchcoat gunslinger!
Yeah, in all honesty, their dad is like... 100% to blame for being what essentially amounts to a sword-otaku.
... is there an option 3? Because neither of those 2 are real good.
That's a good looking pair of brothers.
Hokage in law.
Everybody wants a bit of Kat~
Dark's human form! He clearly chose his outfit based on his sister's outfit.
Happy Labor Day!
This page had so much text, so the text is a tad smaller than normal.
His Ghostdad isn't as supportive as Mufasa. Or Darth Vader.

Man, Dark's pre-evolved forms are hard to remember, it's been a LONG time.
He's undergoing a Sailor Moon style magical girl transformation!
I really should go see an optometrist, I feel like my eyes always hurt nowadays. But I also feel like I can still sort of see fine, and it is maybe because I read off of not well lit tablet screens at night?