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That feeling when you freehand draw a hand and it actually looks ok is just... mmmm, so good.
Done the page! Gonna go watch The Punisher now.
This page is a bit late, I jacked up my hand somehow. I think it's the way I hold an ipod/ipad with one hand, it puts all the weight on my pinky.

It's not even my drawing hand, but I guess I use it to stabilize my tablet while I'm drawing, 'cuz drawing with one hand feels all kinds of wrong.
@Sol: Yeah... but crudely. :P
It's probably good that we finally know the prophecy they keep talking about... even if it's the wrong prophecy.
She's still so creepy.
Happy Halloween everyone.
I borrowed books 2 - 4 of the Demon Cycle books all at once and read them all in a row lol. Good thing I didn't borrow the 5th at the same time or else my eyes would be even more shot than they are right now.
FLASHBACK to like chapter 35. That was apparently a while back.
It took about 6 days for Inktober to go from fun thing I was trying to a hassle that I didn't want to do anymore lol so I'm way behind on that.

Probably will just give up, it's not like I liked any of the ink drawings I did.
Finally up! A bit late, got caught up on NBA opening night (what a nailbiter in Oakland!)
The creepy fortune teller!
End of chapter!

I've been reading a lot of books lately, 'cuz I found a new series that I'm pretty into (The Demon Cycle, by Peter Brett)

Unfortunately, as always, when I find a new book series, I end up just reading too much until my eyes hurt.
I've been sorta doing Inktober this year, but I keep falling behind. It's been a really long time since I did any non-digital drawing, and I find that the pen running out of ink or hitting an air bubble is annoying as all hell, and the inability to edit stuff as I'm drawing is a real pain.

I'm probably never gonna show anyone the drawings, but I guess it's probably a worthwhile exercise just to keep in a little bit of practice *shrugs*
The new anime season starts today (with Gintama, which I don't watch, but over the next week lots of new shows are coming)

It's looking like an especially good "slice of life" season, which will be interesting, since I haven't watched a real slice of life in... wow, probably years. I love them, but they can be really draining to watch, since they're slower paced and usually kind of depressing (though in an uplifting way, if that makes sense?)

This season, though, I'm pretty excited, especially for Mahoutsukai no Yome. Shoujo Shuumatsu Ryokou and Konohana Kitan also sort pique my interest, and I think I'll finally watch Kino no Tabi now that they're remaking it.
I tried to microwave bake a potato today and it smoked out my microwave and destroyed the dish it was on. Now my whole place smells like smoke... made it really hard to breathe for a while.

I dunno how smokers do it, it just feels shitty.

Also, after reading the recipe for microwave baked potato (all 2 steps of it...) I realize I probably have too powerful a microwave, and probably botched the cook time by like... a lot. Behold, my culinary prowess!
Ugh watching the Steelers-Bears game today was so frustrating, I knew they were gonna run on every play. They literally can't pass! Why aren't you just run blitzing every time! MAKE THE TACKLE!

I'm gonna go watch the new Star Trek now. Fingers crossed that it's good - though I've never watched a Star Trek series before, so it's not like I have a point of reference (they look fun but they SFX is so old that I can't bring myself to watch)
Tactical retreat!
Kai should probably take this more seriously, this is like monologuing while a laser slowly moves towards James Bond
The problem with sneak attacks is that, even if the opponent is moving super fast or teleporting, they always attack you from behind, so just swing your sword in mad circles around your neck area and you'll probably block or something?