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T_T I was stirring boiling oil with a spoon, then went to wash it off, and stupidly tried to rub it with my left hand.... so, I burned myself something fierce. So painful.
I've been reading a lot of Chinese light novels lately, and this GOTNU concept reminds me so much of the higher planes of existence from the Wuxia books.
Well, we all knew that's what this chapter was going to be called.
No, I don't know what that stands for. I never read ahead, so I find out when I draw each page~

It''s probably exciting, though!
I've been reading a lot of kingdom building novels lately. I found a Korean one that reminds me of The Three Kingdoms, so that's been a lot of fun.
BTW Happy Labor Day... page be late, might just do a double on Tues.

Internet problemssss
Deja vu! The right panel is Zelander's past.
I'm debating whether I should become one of those cable-cutters who just streams everything online. I'm starting to feel like I could cobble together all the shows I watch by just subscribing to like Netflix, Amazon and Hulu or something...

In the flashback, Zelander's on the right. I'm not sure who the other guy is yet, other than he's probably a fellow disciple, given that they look REAL similar based on the description I was given~
Updated with the right text in the bubble.... this is why I shouldn't be doing stuff while half asleep. I almost chopped my finger off while cooking earlier, then grabbed a pan out of the oven with my bare hands right after... just a disaster all around.
I saw a few days ago that there were over 500 forest fires in British Columbia. 500! Many started by campers? Who's out there camping?! It's so hot, and now the air quality's all the way up to "unhealthy."

It doesn't look THAT bad from my window, I can almost see "blue" again. It's been looking like that planet from Chronicles of Riddick for the past week out there.
I like the layout on this one!
Is it true that Puerto Rico just got power back after being hit by a hurricane 11 months ago?! I literally haven't gone 24 hours without power since.... ever, really.

I get panicky when brown outs last longer than 3 hours.
augh, my eyes still hurt. Whenever I think they're getting better, I end up staring at a computer screen too long and invariably hurt them again... I need to like, unplug for a week at some point, but I know I'll never be able to do it.
I completely lost track of what day it was today... it's so hot, I'm literally spacing out at every opportunity. Global warming can suck it, it's awful.
It's so hot... It makes me want to hate everyone and everything.

The sad part is, I could fix it by plugging in my portable AC unit... but I won't do it because it's too hot for me to bother getting around to installing it.
I got into Doki Doki Literature Club and now I can't get out!
O_O Photoshop crashed like 20 minutes before I finished, thank god for auto recovery.