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(It's a very Jon Snow pose)
Sol said battle damage, so let's see if I actually remember to do the battle damage every time... because I never remember ^^"

I'm going to go watch GoT now, probably.
Even when disemboweled, that's quite the right hook.

That's some real Man of Steel Metropolis type stuff there.
slice 'n dice
Action! Action! Action!
So, uhh.... missed an upload ^^" But it's up, so be sure to hit "previous" once, because it's up now.
I hope Masai wins this fight, but I always feel like he's the Worf of the team?
Ooooh.... another one down

Sorry it's super late! I've been a offline for a few days.
He's probably more annoyed than anything.
@Phoenix: That's probably accurate XD
Sometimes I feel like I should get my eyes checked because I'm feeling super nearsighted lately, but sometimes I just feel like I need more sleep.
I'm sure everyone who knows Siska can tell that she's probably faking... she's never struck me as defeatist.
He did a pirouette block in the air, so all the lines are trying to show "spinning" but I really don't know if it shows it ^^"

It's kind of like... he's holding his sword backhanded, and spun it backwards to block it, so I guess it could be a quarter spin as well?
This ol' trick.
@Phoenix: I never remember battle damage ^^"

I guess he healed himself, but he should be topless from the cross slash, huh? I really don't know how I would draw that, lol
Uncanny dodge.
I've been offline for a few days, but I think it's all caught up now.
Happy Valentine's Day... you get a zombie, and you get a zombie!
@Phoenix: So true. Stepping on 'em when they're down is like... rule 101.