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Congrats to the Raptors for winning the NBA finals! It's SO weird to say.
@Sol: It's 100% only Midgar. They said they were releasing it Life is Strange style in chapters, so I assume at the very least it'll be split up by the number of CD's that were in the original. Frankly, if it has more than just Bombing Run, it's probably a win at this point...

It's weird that somehow, FF7 aged so badly graphically compared to the pixel and anime art in FF6. Those early 3D games were real funkadelic.
Did you all see the new FF7R trailer?! Best girl Tifa looks SO GOOD.

I changed the pen nib on my tablet pen, and I was shocked at how smooooooth it was to draw with now. I guess I've been using the old one so long that it had gotten scratchy.
I have a sudden craving for shish-kabob.
He needs like a refractory period?
<-- Terra/Kai ____________________ Zelander -->
No need for his sword.
The disappointment, it stings so bad.
Like a spirit bomb, made into a sword wave.
Action scenes! Zelander's just whuppin' butt.
It's Terra... go back to Chapter 25 if you can't remember.

NOBODY SPOIL GAME OF THRONES, I'm a few weeks behind. I've been letting them backlog so I can marathon them.
I've been reading the Rememberance of Earth's Past series by Liu Cixin lately. I think the 2nd book (The Dark Forest) is the best one, but I'm not quite done with book 3 (Death's End) yet.

It's a pretty good "hard sci-fi" book (more like The Expanse or Foundation than like... Dune or something).
New FF7R Trailer dropped! Aerith looks great.

Or Aeris? The original game I had was Aeris, but I always called her Aerith in a vogue JRPG hipster way.

Aerith has grown on me, but I was always more of a Tifa man (even though everything in the actual game points to Aerith being like Cloud's ideal dream girl).
Field goal style.
Whoops, missed a page. Be sure to click previous once to get all caught up.

Dark is fighting with fire, but Zelander just blows it away with his Silver Wind. I'll be honest, I think of it as Dragonball style ki.
The action lines make sense in my head, but when they're drawn out, I always wonder if they make sense to anyone else.
This comic comes to you a day after Mortal Kombat 11 was released, so I currently have an appreciation for entrails.