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Did not see that coming!
I hope everyone's new year's resolution was to keep being awesome. Because that's really the easiest resolution to keep.

Not like those stupid "health and fitness" ones that last like... a month, tops.
Young Justice is back! It's been like... 6 years? I don't even remember the story anymore.
A bit late, because I was watching Rockets/Warriors while I was drawing, and it got crazy by the end of that.
I feel like this year just flew by.
Almost a headshot.
An Angel on the tree! My family always went with a star, though.

Merry Christmas, other holiday or non denominational vacation day to you all.

I realize I haven't used cursive in like a decade, so my r's are all messed up. This took me like 5 tries, hahaha
Wuuuuuu, I need the sun to come back, all this darkness makes the days blur.
Agh, the sensitivity of my tablet pen was all over the place while I was doing the shading on this, so it's a bit wee-woo...
I hate that the commonly accepted method of not seeing spots is to simply wait for them to get ablated from your brain, and that your eyes never really heal. That just kinda freaks me out.
Action poses for days!
I don't really know what to draw for this page, so I guess this is sort of right...
I'm reading a Korean manwha called "Solo Levelling" and the art's real cool (very "The God of High School" like to me) so I'm trying the super hard shadow thing on this page.
Celene's kinda left out there, huh?
All the sports teams I root for lost this weekend, so I'm feeling snappish and annoyed.
It's terrible that something that has no bearing on me whatsoever can change my mood so easily.
I know that Saizo's eyes are a result of demonic possession, but it reminds me of Red Eye from the first episode of Cowboy Bebop.

(Crap, am I ever old).

Hope you Americans had a good turkey day - it sure did mess up all the TV schedules. I think holiday programming might very well be the worst. Are there ANY good holiday shows that ever get played? Not only are the yearly holiday shows usually terrible (I'm looking at you, Christmas programming) but it usually also bleeds over to the regular TV shows, where the cast has to have like a terrible life lesson on Thanksgiving/Christmas or a badly done monster of the week on Halloween.

I'm on a tangent. I'm gonna go read a book or something. Since nothing is on TV.
Siska's so cool.
My tablet wouldn't turn on today and I was freaking out, but it turns out that I must've kicked the power cord, and it was just sliiiightly loose.

Was really freaked that the most expensive thing I own was just borked lol...
I dunno if I'm excited that all the characters are FINALLY together, or if I'm unhappy that I have to draw all the characters at once on lots of pages. It's probably the feeling that Oda-sensei feels when he launches half the Strawhats to another island for like a year of comics.

(I'm definitely more excited, I like drawing Kat and Siska a lot).
It's weird, I used to love rainy weather, but now it's so dark and cold all the time, it's making me a little depressed.