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The glowing hair reminds me of Karas and I love it.
Hoooo, I am almost 100% positive I'm going to regret giving him this outfit, but I think he looks dope.
NBA playoffs! Which means I'm gonna be super incommunicado for the next month or two lol
It's kind of like when Goku first charged up the Spirit Bomb.
Siskabot down! Siskabot down!
This feels like a scene from Gundam.
Running a bit late.

I started reading The Name of the Wind this week. I always love a good fantasy book.
Ka-me-ha-me.... huh?
Powered through this one... I've been way unmotivated to draw lately. Snap out of it, me!
She's like a mobile artillery.
More battle scenes.
Stephanie, teleporting hapless bystanders while fighting with one hand.

She's totally one of those people who is just good at everything, isn't she?
Wowee, it's been a long time since Masai's been in demon-form.

I changed the design slightly to give the "hair" more flair.
Action poses! Very magical girl.
Whoa this page went really well. I actually freehanded all of it, and it went great. Normally, when I'm having a tough time drawing, I need like 4 or 5 reference pictures just so it doesn't look like total junk.
Well that SORT OF made a dent?
New season of Jessica Jones! The best of the Marvel Netflix series.
My productivity is really down lately... Ugh, and it's Daylight Savings soon, so I can lose an hour just for kicks.

I think my productivity is especially lousy when the NBA is interesting lol.
I've never tried to draw like an aerial shot of a battle map before, so this was interesting. There's 4 Siska-bots on the map, so I did the bottom cutout just so it'd be more clear.

Suffice to say, the odds are a bit... stacked in one direction.