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It's been so long since I drew him! His text bubbles are now evil demonic power free!
Who could it be?
I'm sure you can all figure out who the second Saizo is.

Is there no time limit to the revival process? Does it just bring back everyone who ever died? The world's about to have a massive overpopulation problem!

(For reals though, it's gotta be Dragonball rules where everyone who died due to a specific cause can be revived with one wish, right?)
I'm back to playing some Soul Calibur VI now that my main girl Cassandra is back in the game.

She's so good, too.
Look who's back, back again, Siska's back, tell a friend
... Yes, I did base the look of this on a MK Soulnado.
Happy Cheesecake Day!
Whispering sweet nothings
It's a good thing Steph survived, she's pretty much the one holding all these knuckleheads together.
I feel like I've been sick all week... but I'm not sure I'm ACTUALLY sick, or if it's just too hot outside or something. I've just been walking around in a daze, like if I'd taken a bunch of Nyquil, lol.
@Captain Ghost: yeah but for some reason it got delayed until the 19th, so it's like another week to go
This is a bit of a weak anime season for me, but there's a new season of King's Avatar (Quan Zhi Ga Shou) which is an awesome donghua (chinese anime)
The more Nether talks, the crazier she seems to sound
This is gonna be a real GOT talking in rooms sort of chapter.
This is starting to sound real archvillain monologuey...

Also, G-G-G-Ghosts!
The title of the chapter, revealed!
Healing magic is always either green or white, and I'm not one to buck convention.