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I don't know why I'm watching Salvation, this show makes me mad with how dumb the characters are. You're all lying for no reason! If you people told the truth (or less troublesome lies,) you'd have so many less problems! I'm starting to root for the meteor.

It's something that bugs me in movies or TV shows - when people just randomly lie about important stuff, which leads to them meandering for like 3 episodes. I get it if they are like... hiding a murder, but usually it's something dumb like "we used to date and we met in a really embarrassing way so I'm going to lie about it even though that person is probably a spy or serial killer."

I'd say it's bad writing, but I know what it's like to be like a page short of a page count, so you just make up crap for a few paragraphs...
Wow it's so hot.
It's hard to do anything today 'cuz my eyes are super sore right now. I've been reading too much on back-lit computer screens.

Dark-Shutendoji spun around assuming that Kai-Aven was doing the ol' back attack again, but Kai was just hiding behind the thrown cloak without doing a reacharound. At least, that's what I guess is happened... I should probably be more clear on it since I drew it, but *shrugs*
There's a new season of Overlord! Jircniv's here~!
I tried one of those "green smoothies" and now my stomach is all janked up. "Cleanse" might as well be a curse word.
Hey, have a good Independence day, you Americans.
Why is it that in school I hated economics class, but when there's a manga or light novel that has a ton of economics in it, I can't get enough?
If you don't remember, he's got a fireproof cloak. Probably because all these demons use a lot of fire...
Trying to start drawing more again, I've been reading in my free time much more often lately.
Ok, that sword looks awesome.
It's just been so hot lately, it's hard to do anything since it makes me drowsy.
It's just so fire emoji.
My eyes hurt so bad, I blitzed through another book yesterday so they've been watering all day.

I don't know moderation at all.
Dark's like half-Shutendoji now.
I wanted Zelander in a Samurai Jack walking away pose.

Nether's stupid hair ended up taking forever, and I still don't really like how it looks in this, but I give up. I can't figure out how to fix it. My tablet's acting all funky, so I'm gonna just call it.
Playing with Color Dodge! I never really use it, but it adds quite a punch to the picture.
I've been so incognito for like weeks, because I've been reading the Tsuki ga michibiku isekai douchuu (Moonlit Journey Across Another World) light novel (web novel?)

I love isekai mangas,especially world-buildery ones, and this one is one of my favorites, but it was updating so slowly I decided to hunt down the books.
Whoa, lots of action scenes with no text lately.