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My tablet wouldn't turn on today and I was freaking out, but it turns out that I must've kicked the power cord, and it was just sliiiightly loose.

Was really freaked that the most expensive thing I own was just borked lol...
I dunno if I'm excited that all the characters are FINALLY together, or if I'm unhappy that I have to draw all the characters at once on lots of pages. It's probably the feeling that Oda-sensei feels when he launches half the Strawhats to another island for like a year of comics.

(I'm definitely more excited, I like drawing Kat and Siska a lot).
It's weird, I used to love rainy weather, but now it's so dark and cold all the time, it's making me a little depressed.
Strange bedfellows.
Back to present day!

Is this kind of shading brush better? I flip back and forth.
He's slightly off his rocker.
I'll be honest, after watching a lot of superhero shows where they absolutely refuse to solve the problem by just killing the bad guy, ensuring that the bad guy sticks around the entire season f'ing them, I kind of admire what Zell does here by MAKING SURE he kills Junos when he has the chance.

It's Daylight Savings this week sometime... I'll figure it out when my computer automatically does it for me.
I don't think the sun has been out in like a week.

I watched the new Sabrina show on Netflix, it's actually quite good. I think I prefer the super soapy goth horror thing there than on Riverdale, which kind of went way off the rails for me after like 4 episodes.
I've been playing Soul Calibur for a few days now, and almost all my time in the game is spent in Character Creator... Something about creating characters just takes so much time, like I look down and when I look back up, 2 hours are gone. It's because I have to fiddle with every little option, and the stickers and stuff have to be rotated to the perfect angle so the character looks absolutely perfect.

It's like the opposite of the Polygon series "Monster Factory" - I just couldn't do that, where they make absolute abominations in character creator.
Sol said that this was a Star Wars reference, but I can't place it. It's probably from that prequel trilogy that DIDN'T REALLY HAPPEN.

I jacked up my neck sleeping somehow. Does anyone have like a sleeping pose that doesn't end up messing up your neck? Maybe I need a different pillow.
This page took a long time, mostly because I'm uncomfortable. It's like... both too warm and too cold right now. Probably because I'm wearing thick pants and a t-shirt.
One of the interesting side effects of cutting off cable is that when I do watch TV shows, I actually end up watching the shows that I would backlog, and no longer watch shows that I would watch immediately before.

Like, before, I would watch stuff like "The Good Doctor" and just leave it on in the background, but now that I've got to find the shows on my own instead of having it set up to automatically tape on PVR, I end up skipping it completely.

Still watching Arrow, though, for some reason. It hasn't really been good for like 3 seasons, but I'm in it by this point...
Sorry it's up really late... I had it half drawn but kind of got distracted.
He might be a psychopath. There's really no way to know for sure.
I try not to listen to the random disembodied voices - they tend to try to get you into trouble.
He's not at the party anymore, just fyi. He's grumbling in private, like a real man should.

I'd do something different for the background, but I think everywhere on Silvaris probably looks similar (i.e. it's all grey, like the Neutral planet from Futurama, so it's all just shades of black and white when it's drawn).
I assume that Zell/Zelander is relating this story in Earth Common, and that the original scene is in some weird Silvaris alien language. We're totally Dr. Who'ing this. Like, he's actually saying "She's so vazz, I'd florp her flangerdoodle" or something.
O_O The updated author UI is pretty cool looking on here.
I imagine Silvaris is like a cross between a Kendo dojo and Gallifrey.