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I'm a professional illustrator, writer, and comic enthusiast. I've pursued the comic arts all my life, with interests in modern, classic and new age art styles. I studied Illustration at Northern Illinois University, and have been creating freelance comic art ever since. Currently, I work at the John G. Shedd Aquarium in the heart of Chicago.
Did You Miss Me?
Hello again world. Max here. It's been some time hasn't it? Well, my way-too-long hiatus has come to a close and I'm back on the path of creating and posting comic goodness for you all to enjoy. It's taking me longer than usual to finish each comic, and that's likely due to being out of practice. With good timing and a little luck, I should be posting again on a weekly basis, schedule permitting. Check back regularly for more updates! Happy reading, internet. -M
Back in the Saddle! Welcome Back to Season 2 of Off The Clock! We've moved to a new web host and our functionality is better than ever! As for the boys, Season 2 finds our heroes several months after their epic battle with Dr. VanPayne, still they're still kicking ass and taking names. Plenty of crazy antics and mischief are incoming this time around, including a new love interest, a touch of rivalry, and the Duo's greatest challenges yet.
In the Beginning
As you may have gathered, "Serious" is the last word one would use to describe Off the Clock. This is the first of many tales into the life of superhero roommates Micah and Joe, as they balance their time between saving the world and just trying to get by. Many of the stories you're about to read come from personal experience, of course with a bit more flair. Hope you enjoy and welcome to Off The Clock!