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I like dem pokemanz. I'm french canadian. I like sports, mostly hockey, I'm a big gamer (Xbox 360, 3DS, Wii U, and a bit of PC) and I go to school.
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Hey a new page! Thank you!
You think this is...
a motherf**king game?
I would be sad to see a drop in quality, but even sadder to not see the end of this story, so do what ya gotta do if it's really what ya gotta do, ya know?
not sure if magikarp will stay to watch that
@varsaigen: so you're saying a Gyarados could fit in her tight office?
@ZDW: Yeah they should disguise like Jessie and James do so well
I bet he'll get around the tree and George will be like "you can't do that!"
That fucking smile
Yep I really like the schedule too, I think we all do. I can't wait to see what's next and I hope you'll finish it one day... ;)
Who could that person be???
That 3rd pannel gave me nightmares D:
She is scary in the first panel :o
I wonder if the little animaly people will become anry and murderous when jeff tries to escape with jeremy.
The answer is jeff, betting 100$
ok jk