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I'm Crystal, but you can call me "Maebug". I was used to mimic any user, hence my codename "MissCopycat".

I'm a huge fan of video games (especially TwinBee, Konami, Nintendo, Mega Man, Bomberman, Sonic, Bubble Bobble, Pokemon, Kirby, Mario, and any cute game), scat, vomit, cheeks and puffed up, and I always anime-styled drew artwork inspired by many anime shows and video game artworks that I like to see.

I have Autism/Aspergers Syndrome since I was 3 and I do not say bad words. You can treat me nice and never send me bad/negative messages. If you do, you'll get kicked out!

Need I say more?
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    Crystal M. Franks
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Zakobee enemy sprites ripped from Twinbee: Rainbow Bell Adventures.
Could you do the next part?
Poppy Bros. Jr. resembles Aquaman.EXE.
You're right!
Capsule J does resemble TwinBee!
Lolo and Lala
@Hanna B: Lololo and Lalala are my favorite characters.
It's a Poppy Brother!
Mety has got fattened!