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wait what?
Way to make a short kid feel bad about his family and crush his dreams in the process
Luke took the written exam as soon as he was able to

Before anyone can challenge any gym they have to head to a league center and pass 2 tests. Test 1 is like a written exam for drivers ed, thats basically like "what do you know" and the second test is the sparring portion.
Anyone starting at 10 can take the written exam, but kids 10-14 have to get parental permission to take the sparring portion.
Kids 10-14 (after getting permission to take the league challenge) on their new licence will have in bold red letters that they are underage and need guardian supervision if they are taking the league challenge
Sorry page 5 was one of the last updates with color until I get more time to do color pages, plus I feel that i need practice with black/white stuff
The kid told you to wait
Rachel is a restless sleeper so she wakes up in weird postions
people just keep showing up????
Ya'll dont even know how much fun this was to color and play with the shadows and the light coming from the window to give it mood
besides lineart that has to be one of the funnest things to do while drawing comics
-yes Rinka and Rachel are sharing a bed
-Yes rachel is the one who is snoring
-yeah the rooms is odd having a bed right near the window but idgacrap

-These League centers have a place where you can wash your battle attire or just clothes
-They rent out a simple shirt/pants/shorts combo to those who need to do laundry but only have 1 outfit
(hence Luke, and Rachel's outfits in this page)
Happy New Year! Updates will Start to Update weekly on Fridays (may possibly move to Sunday- Stay tuned)!
Hope you enjoy!
@Mystic Fire: All in time darling, everything is in the process!<3
@Mystic Fire: I mean maybe for a 12 year old? I also like to make Luke uncomfortable, so there's that.
@Mystic Fire: awww thank you ever so much!
I'll be trying to come out with more pages soon so please keep an eye out!
Luke seems happy to have his necklace back. Is this it though?
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