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...Why would you even NEED to ask how that helps deal with stress?! Bubble wrap is awesome!
Well, I mean... If you think about it, "reaching/aiming for the stars" DID lead Steve to his future self...
Especially since this guy supposedly died back in comic 1685.
If I said I'd buy him 10 drinks, do you think he'd let me out?

...Probably not...
@Darth AWQ: More like, puppies (especially such sweet ones) deserve better.
I'm guessing Steve is getting tired of dealing with this guy every year.
@Christopher: The Pheonix and ninjas don't give him a huge amount of paperwork...
Hey, isn't that superhero from waaaaay back that said he could "rest when he was dead," and promptly had a... 'deadly encounter'?
Or is this that guy's sidekick-turned-hero?

Also, why stop there? Why not a death trap within a death trap within a death trap?
Problem 1: Fire
Problem 2: Dragon
Problem 3: Fire Dragon
Problem 4: Dragon Ridge
Problem 5: Fire Dragon Ridge
Need I go on?
@RazorD9: Sorry, but Sally used that one was QUITE some time ago.
They really do carry those signs with them everywhere.
Honestly, Steve, I'd have thought you'd have learned by now: Things have a tendency to go for the worst when you go after the phoenix: Your parachute gets caught in a tree, you get attacked by a tiger, you end up physically in the Dreamtime...
Did you really expect a rented glider to survive?
@man in black: I think you mean "What did they bet on?"
I just realized...
This little episode started back in June.
@MrTTAO: Because, while they know the geographical location, they know nothing about the island itself.
Ok, so I get that the pun is referring to Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde... but what's the other half?
This reminds me of that scene from Princess Mononoke where that guy's all "My arm... It doesn't hurt any more... I'm healed!" *Raises broken arm* "Guk... Nope, still broken."
@ae0n: He's probably either killed them all, or has them stashed away for whenever he needs a machine to malfunction.
@Victor Calamity: ...I curse you for pointing that out.