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That'll teach you for thinking that everyone else is in a costume just because it's October.
Now, the only question is whether Steve's there for the Nessie hunters or for Nessie itself. I know who I'm betting on.
Pretty sure everything below the shadow god - and possibly even it - are in the category of "pest" for Grandpa.
@Guest: Third panel, Steve's speech bubble, third word: "thy're" is definitely missing an e.
Hey, if *I* was a local hero, and Death stopped the villain before he had a chance to make things miserable in general until I was finally able to stop him, *I'd* call that a win. I have more free time, and people aren't grumbling that I "didn't stop [insert villain] in time."
How dare they ruin Sally's fun?!
@Shard: Just make sure you include a trunk full of flammable substance and a fire in the back seat to make sure everything goes up spectacularly.
This is why you always listen to the guy who's telling you something's a bad idea, but is still willing to go along with you: They're smart enough to recognize a dumb idea, but obviously cares enough about you to walk in to danger with you.
He was making sure that some picnic-goers would be - against all odds - mauled by a bear and have their picnic baskets stolen.
Apparently, Steve decided to do Fate's job for him. After all, you should never tempt Fate. He doesn't have a lot of self control.
What's a sign? What's reading?

(Spoiler: Those things people don't pay attention to and that activity necessary to daily life that people refuse to do.)
Of course they do. I mean, they were made by aliens, right? :P
@Morzone: Going from how Steve's acting, probably something more manageable. Or maybe it's a suicide spell?
Joff, personally speaking, I like rereading your comic when I have some time that I need to kill, but I'm glad you're back. I kinda just figured Life happened and you needed to deal with Bobby for a bit before you got back to the comic. :3
You know, I just realized, the only reason he's able to do this is probably because of the Spirits of Magic's blessing...
Every time I see this particular comic, I can't help but think "The boss' expression in that last panel is great!"
You know, technically he HAS already done it again, considering that he refused the Spirits of Magic's offer to undo the selling of his soul. :D
"Change of look (luck)"...
No idea why it had taken me a few years to make that connection... =_=
Everyone inside the house, check. Guy in the greenhouse (because why would people hide in the greenhouse?), check. Huh, gotta wonder if there was any bodies anywhere else.
@Forger: When I saw Re-dead, I thought of the enemies from Zelda XD