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Oh, and Joff, I'm expecting the next comic to be the obligatory Scrooge reference :D
"Ok, boys, I have no idea what's on the other side of that door, but it's time it met with Death itself."
@She_Who_must_not_be_named: Yes
Yeah, good luck weaseling out of a promise with death by not being alive to keep it.
@Forger: If that were the case, the comment "this is something you don't see every day" wouldn't make sense
Apparently, superhero/supervillian battles don't get as much air time on the news as you'd think they would.
I always find it kinda funny how people react when they first learn that all these fanciful creatures from fairy tales are usually evil little buggers and that fairy tales themselves are usually pretty dark.
Personally, I always wondered why anyone would think that cloning dinosaurs was a good idea in the first place. Like... WE never would have survived very long if they were they still around...
Yeah, Midgardsormr and Jormungandr would be pretty hard to top...
@namtap032892: And, over a year later, I realize the name is "Five (5) Dragon Ridge" and not "Fire Dragon Ridge"
@Forger: it was 12 different forms, to be exact. I think most other deaths would be one form, otherwise no one would die. (You know, cause the reapers would just "misplace" the paperwork.)
I realize it's been, like, 6 and a half years since this was done, but...

Looks like Steve learned from that trip to the Dreamtime in the outback. ;)
Reminds me of where I live. People can't be bothered to give a damn about traffic laws.
Ok, in the years I've been reading this (Oh, wow... years...), there's always been one thing about this that I've wanted to say, but just never bothered to until now.

The reason salt melts ice and snow is because salt water (which is what you're creating when you throw salt on ice) has a lower freezing point than just plain water. Essentially, all you're doing is just making it so that the freezing point is below the ambient temperature. (I doubt it'd work very well in a place like Antarctica.)

I'd assume that the frost giants basically radiant cold so much that they'd never never melt. I'm guessing salt may mildly irritate them, as opposed to being an actual threat.

Granted, this is Azrael administering the salt. He could probably intimidate physics enough to break it's own laws.
Do a good deed
Do a good deed, and get your reward... Even if you have to threaten them with death.
Although, I bet it was REALLY fun killing all those bugs.
...Why would you even NEED to ask how that helps deal with stress?! Bubble wrap is awesome!
Well, I mean... If you think about it, "reaching/aiming for the stars" DID lead Steve to his future self...
Especially since this guy supposedly died back in comic 1685.
If I said I'd buy him 10 drinks, do you think he'd let me out?

...Probably not...
@Darth AWQ: More like, puppies (especially such sweet ones) deserve better.