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"I can't change me" is usually followed by "and if I could, would I still be me?" for me.
I'm freaking out over how loud Louis is being. All I can think is "What are you doing? People are going to hear you! You can't let them find out!" probably says something that that's what's bothering most
Yep. About how I would be reacting. That negative voice is a real ass, always laughing at you thinking well of yourself.
I have this really bad feeling that he's about to have a panic attack... :(
@Quadrant: Actually, cats view all humans (animals?) as just weird looking cats and they treat us as such. Dogs, on the other hand, view us as something other than dogs which is why they treat us differently.
I am impressed by the amount of grinding he must do.
Now they're both balancing their chairs on two legs. Someone's going to fall. >:D
What if I don't want it to ever make sense? :C
*dances in happiness* It's back! :D
@Tessaigaggg: lol I love how your icon matches your post.
I think he just made Sergio sadder.

Also, I somehow only just realized this was on Smack Jeeves. :/
@asd: I suppose it would depend on where this is. In the US a lot of guys end up circumcised. I know it's less common elsewhere but I don't know much about statistics on this.
@Feriyalle: Or he just realized Dylan's uncircumcised.
Nuuu!! I caught up and now I must wait for updates in order to know how this awesome story continues. ;-;
Oh god this comic. I don't even know what this is but it's so funny. xDDDD